How The Military Has Influenced Fashion

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The military has been around from the time that governments first began appearing on the planet. Uniforms have had the inevitable effect of influencing civilian attire to the point that it is has influenced fashion on more than one occasion. The reasons for this aren’t certain, but it appears that people have admired the military’s penchant for accountability and responsibility that led to others imitating their styles.

It’s always been known that accountability is one of the prime responsibilities that any officer bears, which has resulted in more than one accountability essay. For more on officers and accountability, there are many free examples of this at that go into greater detail on this subject. Accountability is one of the chief factors that affected the style and appearance of uniforms.

Reading through essays about accountability in the military might disclose some new facts that one was not aware of before. It’s what these uniforms stand for that has led to military fashion influencing the rest of the industry, creating military-inspired clothing around the world. There are many examples of this across the fashion world. Here is how the military has influenced fashion:

The Past of Military Fashion

The uniform has deep roots in history. The term uniform, itself comes from the Latin words for one and form, meaning there would be one base of dress for all in the military.

In antiquity, few civilizations had a uniform. There were a few, though, like the Spartans and the Terracotta Army, that do indicate that military boots outfits can trace their origin back that far.

It was the Romans, though who brought in the first true military uniform with its trademark red brush on the helmet combined with a kind of short, armored tunic. It’s this mode of dress that would go on to inspire other nations.

Centuries later, regimental dress became a common sight during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. This is the kind of dress that people who have watched movies about great battles during this time are more familiar with. Rather than simply wearing one side’s color, this mode of dress involved bright colors and distinctive hats. Superior ranks had great white ruffles and large, dangling medals hanging from the complicated waistcoats of many a general.

This, however, is not what people usually think of when it comes to military-inspired dresses or military boot outfits today. It was the utilitarian nature of battle that led enlisted soldiers and officers alike to eventually call for and adopt what were initial simple drab green uniforms that a person could crawl through the mud in. Eventually, this design was streamlined into the lean, mean, and camouflaged versions of the uniform we see today.

College Students and Military Fashion

How the uniform has influenced world fashion comes from a sense of it giving order. Even a model wearing a uniform gives her or him a sense of authority. When it comes to college students and fashion, though, the reasoning may be a bit more practical.

Yes, for some students, part of the experience of education is to take to a cause outside of writing a paper or an essay. That cause is usually informed by what they learn from their professors and courses. It’s that new knowledge that creates a military fashion trend within universities themselves.

When a student goes out to protest, something that they’ve been doing before Vietnam, they know that they might get chased by police or other enforcement officials. The best way to get away from them is to wear clothes that they can easily get out of.

Military fatigues are meant to be easily removed because of the kind of dangerous situations that a soldier can get involved with, and so, students tend to opt for them if they need to get out of a situation quickly, and someone has a solid grip on their shirt or pants sleeve.

Military Fashion in the 2020-2021 Season

Military 2

It’s actually Princess Kate that has brought in the best of looks for the coming season when it comes to military fashion. On and off, she has stunned people in full-on suits of reds and blues that have the distinct echo of the military waistcoats of the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries.

The other major trend being seen on catwalks is the hazmat-suit-meets-military-uniform look. This new style is clearly influenced by the zombie-oriented shows that have become popular in recent years.

Finally, the most commonly seen style going into the fall season when it comes to military-inspired clothing is for the relaxed, casual look. Whether people looking for free samples of essays or a specialist doing research, the new approach is wearing military jackets over a shirt and jeans or military fatigues with a simple, black sweater.


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