How Do Fashion Trends Affect Teens?

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The term ‘fashion’ is a phrase that people use in their day-to-day lives. Back then, people used to look for particular fashions only for specific events and occasions. But, today, the trend has changed in a drastic manner in the day-to-day lives of teenagers. Not only does it reflect on the things they do but also how they carry and conduct themselves. This includes the luggage they carry, the makeup they put on, clothes they wear, the accessories they carry, including bracelets, lapel pins, bags, etc., and then, physique piercing, and hairstyles among other things. However, when their professors ask them to write fashion essays, the majority buy college essays online on Essayzoo.


Nonetheless, fashion is an incessant and endless process. The conception and perception of fashion are not only new but day-to-day trends. But, this vogue style has both sanguine and disparaging impressions on teenagers. And, this article strives to elaborate more on the impacts of fashion trends on teenagers.

Peer pressure

Peer pressure affects the day-to-day choices of a teenager in a significant manner on issues such as fashion and style, the kind of friends they have, drug abuse, and their academic performances. It can be good or bad.

According to research, the choice of dressing for teenagers varies with the majority dressing to deflect or ward off humiliation and mocking from their friends. Most of them presume that if they dress in an inappropriate manner, their peers would not want to interact or socialize with them. So, they opt to shop and ask guidance on how to dress well for events such as birthday parties.

The fashion style for most teens is influenced by the individuals they surround themselves with. Most teens feel that they need to fit in. The majority replicate fashion around them to get feel worthy and valuable. Teens use fashion to maintain friendships and boost their self-regard.

Body image

Body image is an issue that affects many teenage girls. Magazines, as well as the media, have an impact on a girl’s physical appearance. For example, when teenage girls sees a slim model on a magazine cover, they will do whatever it takes to look that way. Thus, this results in several changes in a teenager’s fashion style as well as unhealthy approaches like poor eating habits.

Additionally, the internet has an impact on a teenager’s body image. Most teens compare themselves with what they see on the internet which impacts their body image in a negative manner.

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Designer brands

Most adolescents preoccupy themselves with social recognition and coolness that relate to the attire they put on. Thus, teenagers opt to showcase a more-oriented brand decision when the go shopping. The majority will shop at stores that sell high-quality designer clothes.

However, when these teens do not have enough money to go shopping, they are often stressed. Most of them believe that since they are unable to afford these clothes, they would not be up-to-date with the current teen style trends, they will not fit in.

Media and magazines

Teens also utilize the media and magazines to assess the upcoming trends so that they have an idea of what to and what not to buy when they go shopping. Media and fashion magazines play an immense role in the lifestyle and sense of fashion for most teenagers since the majority purchase their clothes after looking through the media and the latest magazines. These magazines impact a teenager’s dressing choice in a large way.

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Teens always idolize the celebrities they adore. They draw their fashion inspiration from them. When a celeb dresses in an attire they love, they will go and search for the same outfit and show it off to their peers.

Moreover, teens watch various reality shows to keep up with the dressing style of their idols. They discover themselves through external stimuli. Celebs offer the extra basis that teens us to benchmark their associations, thoughts, and opinions. And even though celebrities do not try to persuade their fans to follow particular trends for teens, they change the ideologies of their audience in a subconscious manner.

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In conclusion, teenagers are often conscious of how they look. Most of them obsess over details that are not that important. The majority of teens dress in a manner to draw attention to themselves. They fear that they will lose their friends if they do not dress in an appropriate manner as well as not fit in. Hence, they do whatever it takes to get all the attention that comes with dressing in an inappropriate manner. However, most of them are not aware of the impact of teenage fashion on their lives. But you need not worry about anything as above are some of the impacts fashion can have on you as a teenager.


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