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Anime and streetwear could not seem to be two more disparate things. However, the present has seen a lot of anime styles seep into the world of Japanese street fashion. Specialists from review website state that the wild cartoonish street styles born in the Harajuku district in Tokyo marked a revolution in Japanese style.

More Lifestyle than Fashion

Anime is an interesting television phenomenon that adapts comic books called manga into television shows. So, how does that impact fashion? Well, the truth is that it is not all about the anime, but more about the lifestyle choices of people that watch it. When people want to wear comfortable and flashy clothes, they have to change the current fashion trends. In this case, the rigidity of the Japanese culture is being lampooned with ultra-comfortable clothing flooding the market. Not only do anime lovers wear these products to feel comfortable, they love what it says about their lifestyle- it’s not all meant to be spent working and being serious.

Anime dictates fashion rules

Anime is impacting the fashion rules in other ways, aside from the comfortable lifestyle-oriented clothing that runs contrary to strict business suits. Instead, we’re beginning to see a lot of anime styles and colors begin to seep into the closets and dressers of people in Japan. If you were to look at the street of a busy city, you would see school uniforms and business uniforms. You typically won’t see bright, flash colors depicting scenes of battle and love. However, these are all becoming more commonplace in the present day. People are feeling less pressure to leave their fun, comfortable clothing behind when they go out on the street.

From Cozy Anime Capes to Modern Streetwear

There are generally two schools of fashion as they pertain to anime in modern street fashion. For one thing, you have more anime-inspired outfits that are similar to what you would see on television. People wear capes and robes that make them look cool and feel great. There are also standard anime items that are emerging on the market, too. Yet, they’re being plastered on regular streetwear like Converse shoes, t-shirts, hats, and even ties that are making their way into more relaxed workplaces. It’s a very interesting outcome that few people foresaw. In some circles, anime is still seen as outlandish and immature. What has made people so brazen?

A sense of belonging

Part of the reason that this street style is beginning to catch on is simply that it is a backlash against the culture that’s been in place for decades. People want comfortable clothes, bright colors, unique outfits, and to demonstrate their love for anime. More than anything else, though, they want a sense of belonging within their social group. When someone that loves anime sees another person wearing an outfit featuring their favorite show, they’ll know they’re in good company and can strike up a conversation.

Modern Japanese street style

The modern style of Japanese streetwear breaks down like this:

– Visual Kei: flamboyant, colorful clothing, and makeup that makes everyone look like a rock star.

– Lolita: Victorian-style dresses, bright colors, and lots of lace.

– Gyaru: Wild attitudes, hair dyed a light color, tans, and a lot of other things that make the person look like a bratty European girl. It’s an interesting choice!

– Kogal: Kogal is a subculture of Gyaru, and it features very slight tans, school uniforms with short dresses, long nails. It attempts to replicate the California girl look.

– Kimono style: This is a high fashion concept where people have infused the traditional kimono look into the style of their clothing.

– Kawaii Boys: pastel colors, light hair, and an emphasis on having high energy. This is very popular with music groups.


Anime has completely changed the way that people think about streetwear in Japan and beyond. Now, people are looking out for their individuality and trying to wear a style of clothes that will make them feel more comfortable as a person. Whether that means using a soft cape to keep them warm or finally wearing colors that reflect their personality, these changes are substantial and important.


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