H&M upcycles old clothes into new denim collection

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For the first items from its clothing drive, H&M upcycled cotton from used clothes into denim. Altogether, three pieces for men (two pairs of jeans and a denim jacket) and two for women (a pair of jeans and a sleeveless vest) will go on sale to the public from this February.

“We are working increasingly with recycled materials, and as a designer, it is very important to create pieces taking into account the latest trends, but also technical developments in this field. We are proud to offer environmentally friendly products, in which our clients and we believe,” said H&M designer Jon Loman.

Through its clothing drive, launched in February 2013, H&M has collected 7.7 million pounds of used clothes so far. Around 180 H&M stores still offer to take in used garments so that they can have a second life through recycling.

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