Hair Growth in 3 Months: Can It Grow Any Faster?

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Your hair grows fairly slowly, but there are ways to increase the rate of hair growth! You can achieve your desired hair growth in 3 months with these tips!

Hair grows slowly, but not for everyone. So you might be wondering why someone’s hair grows so fast, while yours seems to remain the same for several months on end.

Well, even though we would like to provide you with an easy answer, it would be doing you a disservice. Hair growth is affected by a variety of factors, starting with diet and going as far as the water temperature you use in the shower.

In this article, we will cover how you can expedite hair growth in 3 months. And if you think about it, that’s not a very long time.

So if you’d like to see long-lasting results in your hair, keep reading.

Introduction to Hair Growth

On a scientific basis, your hair grows in stages. There are three:

1- Anagen

2- Catagen

3- Telogen

The first is the active growth phase. Each strange of hair will remain in this state for 2 to 8 years.

The second is the phase in which hair no longer grows. This lasts for about 6 weeks.

The third is the phase in which your hair starts to fall out. It can fall out why you sleep, while you shower, while you brush, etc.

The telogen phase accounts for daily hair shedding, and it’s normal. In fact, it’s a good sign of hair health. And if you think about it, if your hair can no longer grow, it might as well fall out.

As of right now, there is no ideal remedy to activate the growth phase. However, ensuring good health for your hair during that stage will make the effects long-lasting, offering more time for each hair to grow longer before it’s time to shed.

What Impedes Hair Growth?

Before we talk about how you can expedite hair growth in 3 months, we need to first understand what is impeding it in the first place. Many factors are impeding, but we will only cover the 5 most potent and easily resolved concerns.

Over Styling

If you make use of heat styling, you are damaging your hair. Everybody wants to have the most gorgeous locks, but it should never implicate your health.

If you make use of heat tools each day, whether it’s a hair-dryer or hot iron, you should at the least limit it. Heat weakens the hair, so an extra day without heat can significantly improve your health.

If you have to use heat, try to gently air dry until your hair is almost dry, then use a hairdryer to finish it off.

Bad Diet

Diet plays a big role in overall health, so it’s no surprise that your health is affected. Not only does it affect the condition of your hair, but also the growth rate.

If your hair cannot grow, your diet might be lacking in protein, minerals, and vitamins.

Bad Products

When it comes to products for your hair, less is always more. Whilst some creams and treatments can benefit your hair in a great way, others can damage it even more so.

Don’t use anything you see on the shelves because it has a nice label. Harsh chemicals will damage your hair and certainly stunt its ability to grow. You should strive to look for products that have the least chemicals. Some are also designed specifically to treat and repair damaged hair

If your doctor told you to buy a product with certain chemicals, try to find one that has only it and nothing else.

Tight Styles

For all of those who like tight hairstyles, you are damaging your hair. Tight buns and ponytails do look nice, but they can lead to permanent changes in hair growth.

Bobbles cause friction which leads to split ends and fraying. Tying your hair up sometimes is not a problem, but having the same look each day can damage the follicles. Thus, preventing them from growing ever again.

Braids are another thing you should be careful about. If done too tightly, they will physically pull the roots away. When it comes to wet hair, putting it up must be avoided. Wet hair is even more prone to damage, so be wary.


Hormones are not bad, they are necessary to your bodily functions. However, everything from puberty, menstruation, and thyroid disorders can affect your hormone levels.

Progesterone and estrogen promote hair growth, whereas testosterone and androgen do not. When these are imbalanced, it proactively pushes the hair into telogen, which leads to thinning and shedding.

Hormones can be regulated exogenously (externally) but this should only be done by a doctor, otherwise, you risk very serious health consequences. All of which can contribute to a lack of motivation, physical performance loss, body hair growth, deepened voice, so on and so forth.

How to Improve Hair Growth In 3 Months?

Alright, now that you’ve limited the number of impending activities, you can finally start to improve your hair growth in 3 months with a proactive approach. Let’s start with the basics.

Eat Proteins

As mentioned earlier, a healthy diet is a significant player in hair growth. Healthy hair grows from healthy bodies.

Your strands are mostly consisting of protein, so it’s no surprise that they need protein to grow. At least a palm-size of extra protein in your lunch and dinner will drastically improve your growth. This can be an egg, some nuts, or anything else that suits your taste.

For internal support, you can take a protein supplement. These can be added to your smoothies or consumed with water.


Ferritin is potentially the most important nutrient to hair growth. Low levels of ferritin are a common cause for hair not growing properly.

The best way to support your ferritin levels is to consume iron-rich foods. Great examples are dark greens, beetroot, red meat, and apricots.

An iron supplement will also suffice. Just ensure that it has some l-lysine, which is needed to store iron in the body. If you are taking iron, it’s also a good idea to make use of zinc. But if you take zinc, you should also take copper, because the former depletes the latter.

Vitamin supplementation is not an easy job, it requires the will to learn and time to research. But we are sure that if you place enough effort into the two, you will come out with pleasant results.

Eliminate Breakage

If your hair is breaking a lot, it won’t reach the length that you would like. The best advice is to be gentle with your hair.

You should also treat the hair with deep conditioning twice a week. This kind of treatment adds strength and mobility to your hair. The key here is to give your hair some extra moisture.

Another great way to get rid of broken ends is to get a trim. It’s recommended that you get your hair trimmed every 8 weeks.

Cold Water

Not many people realize that hot temperatures will strip your hair of moisture. It also makes your hair weak and more likely to break. To prevent this kind of damage, just use lukewarm water. Never use hot.

Warm water will open the follicles, enabling you to clean the scalp better. You must finish with some cold water, which will help close the follicles and reduce frizz.

Vitamins & Minerals

Besides dietary improvements, you can make use of minerals and vitamins that will significantly improve your hair growth.

For instance, if you want to be natural, you can eat spinach. It’s high in protein, has vitamin C and A, both of which are needed for the production of sebum. A deficiency in vitamins will result in hair loss, so ensure that you eat enough of it.

Broccoli is another source of vitamins. IT’s also strong in vitamin C and A, but also B vitamins. These are needed for preventing hair loss by the elimination of free radicals.

Besides foods, you can make use of a special hair supplement, such as SugarBear Hair. It’s designed specifically to upregulate necessary minerals and vitamins in the body.

Your Hair, Your Growth

Now that you know how to improve your hair growth in 3 months, you can finally start. The earlier you do, the sooner you will witness results. It takes time for hair to grow, but with these changes, time will be sped up.

Get rid of the old, and in with the new. Remove your old habits that damage your hair, and replace them with those that will encourage healthy hair. Start with the impeding activities, and only then move on to proactive maintenance of hair growth.

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