Fendi and Karl Lagerfeld stage photo exhibition

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Lagerfeld was in Rome earlier this year for the announcement that Fendi would be restoring the city’s historic Trevi fountains. “I’m very happy because I think it’s a very good idea,” said the German-born fashion legend back in February. “I think the fashion world is lucky because a few labels like Fendi and others do well enough that they can pay for this kind of restoration,” he added. 

Lagerfeld has obviously found real inspiration in the project as the latest news from Fendi is that the brand has worked with the photographer and designer to document the fountains for an exciting new project.

Fendi will stage an elaborate and free public exhibition of Lagerfeld’s photos in Paris during the city’s haute couture presentations this summer. Titled “The Glory of Water,” the photos will be housed in a series of dark domes erected on the banks of the Seine open from July 4 to 14, which will also coincide with the opening of Fendi’s new Avenue Montaigne flagship store. 

Fine art and photography publisher Steidl will also produce a cloth-bound 120-page volume collecting together the photos. One of the fashion world’s biggest names, Lagerfeld has also shot and curated a series of “Little Black Jacket” exhibitions in his other role as Creative Director at the Parisian haute couture house Chanel and is well known for his passion for photography. 


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