Fashion films of the week: Rachel Antonoff, LOVE, MIXT(E)

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Rachel Antonoff

New York City based-designer Rachel Antonoff asked her brother’s girlfriend to produce a fashion film for her latest Fall 2013 collection. So far, so fashion, except for the fact that the filmmaker in question is none other than Lena Dunham, creator of HBO’s hit show “Girls.” 

“Girls” star Adam Driver supplies the narration (hamming it up with an English accent) for the four-minute film, which explores the relationship between two best friends and flatmates in the Big Apple, played by Alice Gregory and Dunham’s own sister, Grace.

Louis Vuitton & LOVE

LOVE Magazine picked some of the world’s hottest supermodels including Cara Delevingne, Saskia de Brauw and Edie Campbell for this new three-minute short film showing off the latest Louis Vuitton collection. 

Moodily lit, and shot by director James Lima on the streets of Paris, the girls are shown lolling around in the back of taxis or silhouetted against car headlights, before they emerge at the Vuitton show to be readied for action by creative director Marc Jacobs.

MIXT(E) Magazine 

MIXT(E) magazine hired photographer Eric Weidt to create this sombre and moody piece titled ANTI-ELECTRA, and backed by a dark electronic soundtrack. Styled by Jessica Gordon, model Paulina Heiler is digitally manipulated in black and white for an unsettling effect.


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