Facebook Frame Dimensions: What Is the Perfect Facebook Image Size?

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What are the perfect Facebook profile picture size and Facebook cover photo size? This guide on Facebook frame dimensions will teach you everything to know

If you want your pictures to look their best on Facebook, it’s important to know how to size your image properly. Knowing the Facebook frame dimensions before you click “upload” for a profile or cover photo can save you from the embarrassment of a pixelated or unprofessional image.

Here’s what to know about creating and posting the right Facebook image size!

Cover Photo Facebook Frame Dimensions

Cover photos stretch across the top of a Facebook profile page. They are the first thing visitors to your page see, so you want to create a memorable first impression. Spend time stitching together images into a fun collage using an editing program or feature your brand logo and product.

For these photos, aim for a size of 851×315 pixels or larger. As long as you keep the ratio of height to width the same, you can choose an image that is larger and it won’t be a problem. Facebook will rescale the image to fit the space.

If you run a business and want to show off your products, you’re in luck. Facebook added a cover photo slideshow option a few years ago. You don’t have to pick that one perfect image – now you can pick up to five! Why not show a carousel of images of your top-selling products, or show a series of panoramic images from your last beach vacation?

And if you’re feeling really ambitious, you can now use a video instead of an image! The cover video is ideal for showing off performances, aerial footage, sports, and many other events.

Whether an image, carousel or video, the cover is what invites people to view everything in your feed below. Spend time on making a stunning image!

The Perfect Profile Pic

Profile pics are where people get to know you or your brand. And you’ve probably noticed that profile pictures on Facebook are always squares and always pretty small.

You’ll want to pack some punch into that area, but not too much punch since it’s a small space. Headshots or logos are usually what fits best in the profile picture since they are bold, graphic, and clear.

For the best-looking results, aim to post a picture that measures 180×180 pixels or larger – as long as it’s a square – for your profile picture. You can learn how to craft the ideal Facebook size for a profile pic by following some simple tutorials.

Facebook updates things often, so it’s wise to keep up with any changes to picture size requirements.

Putting It All Together

It might seem tedious to resize everything and edit images to suit Facebook frame dimensions. But if you take the time to do it right, you’ll create a sense of professionalism and originality that reflects well on you or your brand. If you’re looking for inspiration to craft the most fashionable photos on Facebook, check out the latest trends we are following!


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