Elie Saab unveils Pre-Fall 2013 film

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The new short film, titled “Reflections,” shows a range of embroidered gowns, silk jumpsuits and beautiful dresses from the pre-fall 2013 collection, paired with mirrored and metallic accessories. 

Soundtracked by Berlin dance duo Lexy & K-Paul’s “Your Name,” a model moves through the abandoned rooms facing the reflections of her reality and fantasy in the mirrors.

According to the brand, “the seductive play between her delicateness and her confidence contrasts like day and night, a hidden spirit captured within the lucid reflections of endless mirrors”. We think it’s a stunning bit of escapism from Elie Saab who will be showing their next haute couture collection in Paris on Wednesday July 3 at the Palais Brogniart. 


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