Cool Sculpting: The Imperishable Solution to Your Unshakable Fat

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Are you burned out, trying to find the perfect solution to get rid of the annoying, stubborn fat, that just never leaves you? Well, your search might end right here.

Our culture has been obsessed with mastering the art to either reduce or eliminate persistent body fat and obesity for a very long period now. It’s reassuring to know that many strong individuals completely accept and love themselves, and people are more supportive than ever before, thanks to the increasing awareness of positive body image, yet many of us still work extremely hard to get that perfect ideal figure.

Here is a non-surgical, non-invasive fat-reducing procedure, that has no downsides what-so-ever, called cryolipolysis or famously known as CoolSculpting. It is the most effective method of body sculpting treatment. What is body sculpting though?


Rather than risky surgeries, body sculpting or body contouring treatments are far better, as they are safe. Basically, these treatments target specific body fats, breaking them down, either by heating or freezing, which our body eventually flushes out through the lymphatic system. There are quite a few treatments that fall under body contouring. In this article, we’ll look into fat-freezing body contouring and how helpful it is.


Cool sculpting or fat freezing helps by the suction of targeted fat cells by an applicator in the form of a giant vacuum. The applicator regulates cooling plates, that brings fat cells down to a temperature at which they are irreversibly damaged and then later on flushed away.

The amazing thing to this treatment is that it doesn’t shrink the fat cells as workouts and diets do, it eliminates those bothersome cells, therefore giving you a long-lasting result. The only thing to look out for is that, you must have enough fat for the applicator to adhere to, 30 pounds over your normal weight to be precise. Abdomen, Upper arms, thighs, banana rolls, back-fat, double chin, all the unsought bulges of fat are treatable by cool sculpting. This fat reducing method is FDA approved and has shown 15-20% fat reduction. It is safe, with minimal risk and 80% of the patients tend to recommend it.

Cool Sculpting takes about an hour maximum, depending on the target area, where patients feel a deep cooling sensation, and it takes about four to six months for the results to be noticeable, as the body takes its time to properly remove the damaged fat cells. During this period, patients are advised to maintain their diets for best results, because since it is not a weight-loss treatment, there is a greater chance that you might regain the lost weight, so the baseline is that a healthy lifestyle is necessary to preserve the result.


Since cool sculpting is considered cosmetic surgery and not medically necessary, its cost is totally upon you. The costs will not be covered by your insurance, so the best option is to talk to your provider about payment plans, as many companies allow flexible payment for their clients. In 2015-2017, The American Society of Plastic Surgeon stated that the average fee for each treatment had been around $1500.

The official website says the budget you should set should be between $2000-$4000, though the cost depends upon the fat area being treated and the number of treatments required, as some areas, like the abdomen fat may require more than one session.

If you’re targeting your thigh fat, you only need one session which will cost you almost $4000 for each leg. If you want to be specific with inner or outer thigh fat, then the price will vary. Freezing upper arm fat will cost you $1,300 for both arms, though it may depend upon the amount of fat.

Abdomen fat is the most common area for cool sculpting, as it can be difficult to remove excess fat in the area. You are advised to go for more than one treatment, each one taking up to 35-60 minutes, costing you around $1500 for each session.

Another area that most of the women want their fat to disappear from a double chin, the most annoying. One session is sufficient for double chin fat because after that there won’t be enough fat for the applicator to adhere to. One session will cost you $1400.


The difference made by this procedure is quite evident and a lot of people have given excellent reviews over it. The embarrassing fat areas of the body shrinks and disappears off within a few months. From large waistlines and saggy double chins to a flat stomach and appealing neck afterwards, this treatment justifies its popularity throughout. Many bloggers and beauty magazines recommend the procedure in their reviews from people all around the world.

In a very short and straightforward way, if you’re fed up with looking in the mirror and wishing for that fat pockets that even the keto diet can’t get rid of, then consider cool sculpting and freeze that fat off!


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