Coach celebrates America’s pastime with ‘Home Run’ collection

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Just in time for spring, the luxury leather goods purveyor has released a collection honoring baseball, which may have become less popular in recent decades, but which remains a powerful symbol of Americana.

Everything in this collection, from the materials used to the colors and shapes, is directly inspired by the team sport. In addition to presenting clothes and fashion accessories on the theme, Coach is even offering baseball bats, balls and gloves, following the colorful range of the sporty accessories the brand released last year in the US in time for Father’s Day.

Among the highlights of the new collection are a leather baseball jacket and a leather baseball cap, both in the same style as those worn on the field, only in luxurious leather.

This collection will be available ahead of the spring season at prices ranging from €195 (baseball cap) to €1,195 (leather jacket).

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