Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall’s New Brand ‘Chaos’

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Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall’s New Brand ‘Chaos’


The styling team Charlotte Stockdale and Kate Lyall, responsible for many a remarkable shoot, for the likes of Garage (recall supermodels styled as Marvel superheroes), i-D and Fendi, have revealed their new brand ‘Chaos’ to the world. According to the brand’s website,Chaos Fashion is, “a luxury brand directed by Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall. With 20 years experience in the fashion industry they work with a variety of brands, film directors and photographers across multiple platforms.”

While the website offers little more than basic information about the brand and a portfolio of the duo’s work – have a look – their shared job description on LinkedIn offers more insight into the brand’s actual age and depth. “During the past 4 years at the helm of Garage magazine,” a portion of the summary reads. “CHAOS Fashion’s innovative fusion of creative approaches to print and digital has resulted in special digital editorial projects with leading luxury houses including Fendi, Louis Vuitton, Dior, Gucci and Chanel; fine artists including Jeff Koons, Aya Takano and Francesco Vezzoli, and other global super brands such as Beats by Dr Dre and most recently, Disney’s Marvel for the magazine covers!” But the language hints at more: that the brand is, perhaps, the work the pair has been doing all along.

CHAOS is set to offer the brand’s premier accessories collection, including phone cases and luggage tags, later this month. “We want to show you can do things with humour and personality that still feel like a luxury product,” Lyall told Business of Fashion. The example used is a yellow iPhone case featuring a red and white pill, initially bright and eye-catching, then thought-provoking – is this recreational or a remedy? A Jagged Little Pill, perhaps? Or simply a fun image?  The collection will be available directly from the brand’s website, at a pop-up in Selfridge’s later this month, and as a “Christmas surprise” at Dover Street Market.

Stockdale and Lyall have worked together for 15 years, including the past 8 years as fashion editors and stylists for Fendi, and in the same capacity for DKNY this past year. The pair currently work as Fashion Director and Senior Fashion Director at Garage Magazine, where their work is both fantastical and somehow grounded in a sensible knowledge of what viewers want – a sure sign of what their brand is set to provide. “We want to give people what we want,” Stockdale told Business of Fashion, and what they want seems to be cool, fresh, fun and humorous. Don’t you want that, too?


Charlotte Stockdale and Katie Lyall’s New Brand ‘Chaos’

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