Burton turns to Milk Studios for pro-level backpack and hoodie

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The famed media and photo studio Milk Studios worked with Burton on a limited-edition technical bonded hoodie featuring a custom silhouette and the F Stop backpack, which is designed specifically for professional photographers.

“After years of friendship and collaboration, it seems only fitting to be working on a project with Burton specially made for rule breakers and risk takers,” explained Mazdack Rassi, co-founder and creative director of Milk. 

The backpack features specialized compartments for different bits of camera gear and is lined with images from Milk’s online editorial platform MilkMade. Burton founder Jake Burton confidently described it as “the go-to pack for all snowboard photographers. It changed the game so to speak, and with Milk’s input and modifications we’re working to achieve the same performance for fashion photographers.” 

The limited-edition hoodie will be sold exclusively at Burton’s flagship store at 106 Spring Street in New York, starting Friday, December 5. Milk is also offering two lucky people the chance to win both the backpack and the hoodie as part of an online giveaway, with the prize draw on December 11. 

To enter: http://www.milkmade.com/articles/3256-Burton-x-Milk-Exclusive-Giveaway-#.VIHnIGSG8Vh

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