Boho Outfits Are Back with a Bang- Try These 7 Stylist-Approved Ideas

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The year 2022 is quite a mix of several fashion trends from the past, it has a bit of 90s influence, some hints of early 2000s and even a glimpse of 80s can be seen in certain styles. The fact is that there is not a single fashion that one has to follow in order to be stylish, you can mix and match several fashions to create your very own style and that liberty is the best.

One style that has been a constant throughout many decades has been Boho-chic, this style resonates with people who want to flaunt their inner quirkiness, loves to play with colors, patterns and prints and have an eye for unconventional things.

Boho-chic is a style that can be applied to your home decor, clothing, shoes, handbags and accessories. You can mix and match it with a more subtle style like black long sleeve dress and spice it up with a Boho-chic accessory. This style has successfully passed the test of time, changing styles and literally the meaning of fashion and now it is here to stay forever.

It started with more earthy tones and psychedelic prints in casual, cool flowy maxi dresses and kimonos paired up perfectly with printed headbands and cool necklaces and other funky jewelry.

As the times evolved the bold paisley prints are still very much the essence of the style but the color palette has become more bold, vibrant and whimsy. The flowy dresses are replaced with more body-hugging dresses in 2022 but you can pair them up with different styles to create your own.

I love to pair a cool silk printed ZARA shirt with women’s high waist pants in a neutral tone to make a perfect summertime outfit. In this article, I will be telling you 5 stylist-approved ideas that will make you a bob-chic queen this year, so let’s get you started!

7 Stylist-Approved Ideas for Boho-Chic Style

1 – Go Back to Where it Started

With all the newer innovations and variations done to this style, we have forgotten where it has started from. The Boho-chic style that we now know is full of bold, bright and vibrant colors but as I told earlier, this style started with a very subdued approach. If you aren’t into head-turning, party-stopping prints sold at market places in the name of boho-chic style, then educate others with making a true statement. Wear neutral tones like taupe, browns, grays, off-whites, tans and beiges. Wear women high waist pants in materials like georgette, cotton and linen rather than denims. The best way is to add a print in either the shirt, pants, scarves or any other accessory to give it the feel of boho-chic.

2 – Mix and Match

You don’t have to succumb to the boho-chic style fully; rather you can mix and match 2 or 3 styles to make a fashion statement unique to you alone. The boho-chic piece can be added as an add-on or it can be the focal point of the outfit depending on the occasion, season and your preference. You can wear a tan color tank top with your favorite style of jeans and rock it with a printed shrug or jacket to make things quirky. You can also wear a black long sleeve dress and add a printed hat or shoes or scarf to make things exciting. I think mixing and matching different styles is very important as following just one style may be very difficult and boring, boho-chic is definitely a style that knows how to quirk up things.

3 – Sleeves Galore!

Sleeves are a very important part of the bohemian culture, the story that can be told through sleeves cannot be told through any other way. Be it the full bloom balloon sleeves, the ruffled sleeves, bell sleeves, puff sleeves, smoked sleeves or embroidered sleeves. These statement sleeves give new life, zest and live to any outfit making it go from 1 to 10. Sleeves are a great way to make your simple printed shirt speak volumes in terms of style. Pair any of these statement sleeves with denim short, pleated skirts, high waist white pants or black jeggings or even a midi or maxi dress on its own, trust me it will be a number every time!

4 – Shape the Style with More Structured Pieces

Boho-chic style is usually found in loose maxi and midi dresses. The shirts or pants are also in loose fitting. In the year 2022, wearing loosely fitted prints give a very relaxed look rather than a formal look so in order to change that you’ll need to incorporate some structured pieces into the mix. If you are wearing a printed maxi or midi dress make sure to clinch in from the waist to give it a more body-hugging shape. You can add a thin belt if you want to keep it casual or you can opt for a big chunky belt for more formal occasions. If you have a printed shirt then pair it with a pencil skirt or if you have a printed bottom then a tucked in shirt is the best way you can make the outfit linear and structured.

5  – Boho Jewelry

Accessories or jewelry pieces play an important part in every style. They can be bold, expressive and gregarious or they can be subtle, minimalistic and cool. Well, boho style can also be very well expressed with boho style accessories and jewelry items. Turquoise, brown and carrot pink are the sole colors of bohemian style accessories. The piece should be bold, chunky, solid and colorful with handcrafted fringe or tassels or trimmings. You can layer up several chains, big hoop earrings, bracelets and even hair pins to flaunt the bohemian style in your outfits. Pair this style of jewelry with a casual outfit and see how they make the difference.

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