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In the world of Bob’s, it is hard to find one as famous as Bob Newhart. And in the world of wigs, it is hard to find one that has stood the test of time and evolving style the way the Bob Wig has. This fascinating wig offers a timeless style in several variations in addition to an interesting history.

As with most things, we should start at the beginning…


The fascinating history of bob wigs.

The early 20th century was a happening time. New styles, traditions, and discoveries were happening almost every day. The Bob wig made its appearance during this time.


The Roaring Twenties: The birth of the bob wig.

Women were demanding to be seen and heard in ways never before imagined. Hairstyles were one of the ways women of this time were rebelling against the accepted fashions of the times. The Bob wigs allowed women the freedom to wear short hair and glittery gowns while dancing to risqué music.

Short, straight, and the hairdo of the era, Bob will always have a place in hair history.


Modern Bob Wigs.

Bell bottoms, Almond refrigerators, and Bob wigs are trending once more! While the Bob wig never went out of style today, it and other fashions from the past are more popular than ever before. Nostalgic and chic, Bob’s hairstyle continues to win fans.


Types of Bob wigs.

Traditional short Bob wigs with straight lines or longer-haired Bob wigs with or without a wave are available.


Human hair Bob wigs.

With today’s technology, wigs are sewn with real human hair in factories. Because they are made of real human hair, styling options know no limits!

They appear just like regular hair because that is what they are. Run your fingers through it, and you will know the feel of real human hair. Use all your favorite styling gizmos. Curl, straighten, crimp, and blow to your hair’s content!

Despite their higher price, real hair Bob wigs are among the most popular wigs available today.


More affordable Synthetic Bob wigs.

For the budget-minded among us, synthetic Bob wigs have a surprisingly real texture to them. With colors, lengths, and styling options, synthetic Bob wigs come in a range of prices from low to extravagant. The only drawback for most people wearing synthetic Bob wigs is the need to avoid heat damage!

Put away all those heat-powered styling tools and make do without them. They can ruin a synthetic Bob wig faster than Bob Newhart can make us laugh.


Lace front bob wigs.

Bob wigs are popular enough that they even come in a lace front model. These Bob wigs have a real appearing hairline that only a lace front wig can offer. These can be found made with real hair or synthetic hair.


Short Bob Wigs.

True to the Bob’s hairdo of the 1920s, these wigs have hair that stops short of the shoulders. The heart of chic and style, these are a great choice for women on the go with no time to waste.


Long Bob (Lob) Wigs.

Lob is a mix of vintage style and the modern demand for unique looks. The Lob is longer than the historically accurate Bob hairdo. These Lob Wigs reach the area above or brush the collarbone. They still stick to the straight lines and easy maintenance of the shorter Bob hair.


Curly Bob wigs.

Wave is a hairstyle that persists in every time and era. The Bob of today is no exception. You can find Bob wigs with a little wave or a massive curl.


Bob wigs with bangs.

Bangs keep reappearing, and now they are on Bob’s wigs. They have found a home on the Bob wig because of the dash or pizzazz and class they offer the Bob hairstyle. With a range of lengths and shapes, there is a bang Bob wig to suit most people’s tastes.


Which Bob Wig is the right one?

This is no easy question! Let’s look at what we need to think about before deciding.


The Shape of Your Face.

Our hair can emphasize aspects of our face we love and help draw attention away from features we are not as thrilled about. Here are some tips on which faces work well with Bob wigs.

Oval-shaped faces work great with almost any Bob style.

Round faces with plump cheeks can look slimmer with a Lob or long Bob wig.

Square faces Excel at bringing the straight lines of traditional Bob styles to new heights.

Heart-shaped faces have been popular with bangs coupled with Bob wigs. The combination of a Bob wig and a heart-shaped face with bangs softens the face.


Bob Wigs Real Hair or Synthetic?

Human hair on a Bob wig is freeing. There is almost no styling limit. The price of this freedom is a higher initial cost. The reward is the ability to have one wig that can be styled and coaxed into multiple variations.

Synthetic Bob wigs have styling limits because they cannot be styled with heat-powered styling tools. The lower price tag allows you to buy multiple wigs in various styles to match more than one mood or occasion.


Wig cap selections matter.

Lace, monofilament, basic or fancy, lace front the choices! The only way to fully grasp the differences is to try them on for yourself. The weight and comfort vary for everyone from material to material. Visit a local showroom like Private Label and have someone whose career is in hair help you experience the range of choices.


Wig Color.

How will a blond- or red-haired Bob wig look on your head? The range of colors is as wide as a rainbow, and a local retailer is the best option for seeing each one on yourself. The skin tone and facial features impact how each color wig looks on you.


Wig length.

Today, Bob’s hairstyle is available in traditional short, medium, or long lengths.


Styling your bob wig:



No need to use fine toothed combs these can damage your wig. Be smooth and soft in your strokes. Rough, aggressive brushing can damage your Bob wig.

Use a wide-toothed comb on your bob wig; be gentle. Start from the tips and work your way up to the roots. Be careful not to pull or tug on the wig to prevent damage.


Add Some Volume:

Feel free to use a quality dry shampoo or mousse to add that poof.


Selecting Quality Styling Products:

Did you know that wigs have their very own selection of shampoo, conditioners, and styling products? They do, and they are designed to prolong the life of your Bob wig. Check out Private Label’s range of products.


Maintaining your Bob wig:


Instead of counting days, try to keep track of the frequency of use. If you wear it around a lot of dust or smoke, it will need to be cleaned more regularly. For most average wear, give it a gentle wash every dozen times you use it.


Wig Conditioning:

Use a quality wig spray conditioner as needed to soften and increase the ease of styling.


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