Best Female Celebrity Looks: The Met Gala 2023 Edition

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Met Gala 2023 has been one of the most anticipated events of the year. People have been crazy about this mega fashion event, with celebrities wearing crazy outfits and fashion experts and netizens looking forward to reviewing the best and worst-dressed at the Met.

Here is our take on the best Met Gala looks in 2023. Keep in mind that this review is based on our understanding of the Met Gala 2023’s theme, and we have picked those celebrities who had been most on it. You can watch the clips from this mega event online and look at these iconic looks yourself. Don’t have a reliable internet connection? Check out WOW Internet and never miss out on any major event from around the world.


What Was the Theme of Met Gala 2023?

Before moving on, let us first summarize the theme of this year’s mega fashion event. Met Gala, as we know, is a celebration and commemoration of that specific year’s Costume Institute exhibition. It not only holds value as a theme party but also acts as a fundraising event dedicated to the Metropolitan Museum of Art’s Costume Institute of New York City.

The theme of this year’s Met Gala was a tribute to the late fashion designer, Karl Lagerfeld, titled exactly as “Karl Lagerfeld: A Line of Beauty”, and according to the event’s organizer Anna Wintour, it is a tribute to life itself and a celebration in its purest form. Thus, those who wore the colors black and white and some tones of pink really understood the assignment as these were the go-to color selection of Karl himself.

But not only are these details enough to stand an outfit out. Here are some of the best celebrity looks from Met Gala 2023 and why we and most people liked them so much.


1 – Rihanna in Valentino haute couture

Rihanna is not just an amazing singer but a fashion icon; she shows us why every time. Her Met Gala 2023’s Valentino Haute couture took everyone’s breath away. The beautiful white silk dress had a trail no less than five-meter long. Camellias are a channel signature, and Rihanna’s cape adorned with 30 camellias made of 500 petals was quite on the theme!


2 – Anne Hathaway in Versace

There’s nothing better than paying tribute to the work of an artist. And Anne Hathaway’s ensemble, which was a perfect mishmash of Versace and Chanel, certainly did it quite well. The white, floor-length, tweed gown gave the perfect Chanel vibes, while the safety pins holding the outfit together are Versace’s signature.


3 – Naomi Campbell in Chanel

There could have been a better event than the Met Gala 2023 for wearing vintage Chanel, and Naomi Campbell nodded to Karl Lagerfeld by wearing one of his own creations. The pink satin gown with bejeweled details simply looked stunning, and the overall look was spot on the theme.


4 – Gigi Hadid in Givenchy

Gigi Hadid, one of the best-dressed celebrities of the past few years, graced the Met Gala 2023 with her on-the-theme and extremely elegant looks. The attention to minute details like wearing little gloves (a commemoration of Karl’s own style), 90’s inspired makeup, and bleached hair made her stand out as one of the best celebrities at the Met. Her cocktail-style black dress gave the sexy, dark feminine energy and was a perfect tribute to the designer’s work.


5 – Michelle Yeoh in Karl Lagerfeld

The Academy Award Winner, Michelle Yeoh, stunned us yet again with her chic look and elegance. She wore a classic tuxedo-inspired gown and dripped in jewels, keeping the hair tied in a simple bun. The overall look was pretty put together and perfectly on the theme.


6 – Dua Lipa in Chanel FW92

The Grammy Award winner and this year’s Met’s co-chair paid tribute to Karl Lagerfeld in the most iconic way. She was seen wearing the famous gown once worn in the 1995-1996 Chanel runway show by the supermodel Claudia Schiffer. The classic white Chanel bridal ballgown itself is enough to make this look like one of the best celebrity looks of the year.



The Met Gala 2023 has been the most anticipated fashion event of the year. Many people were looking forward to knowing who was and wasn’t actually invited to the Met and seeing the celebrity outfits for the glamorous fashion night. While there were many gorgeous looks, some stood out more than the rest. But overall, whether it was Rihanna’s floral cape or Doja Cat’s feline prosthetics, the event has been an artistic celebration and commemoration of Lagerfeld’s life.


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