Band of Outsiders to live-stream fashion show with Devendra Banhart

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Banhart will be stuck in the room for the whole day performing and is expected to move between ten states; from ‘Disorientation’ and ‘Hunger’ to ‘Meltdown’. Receiving orders through the hotel’s telephone and room service, he will change into all the looks from brand’s latest collection at different points during the event. 

The presentation will be streamed live on,, and the Band of Outsiders website, and you can also check out the brand’s Instagram (@thisisbandofoutsiders) and Vine (@bandofoutsiders) accounts for more behind-the-scenes action. 

Known for their irreverent polaroid shot lookbooks which have recently featured R&B singer Frank Ocean and actress Greta Gerwig, the label avoids the runway schedules of the big fashion capitals. The past few presentations have featured a model stuck inside a Parisian gallery for 36 hours, and a New York City treasure hunt challenge.



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