American Apparel’s New CEO’s marketing strategy

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Paula Schneider, American Apparel’s new chief executive officer wants the brand to be still provoking but with less skin.

The marketing strategy will focus on social issues including gay rights and anti-bulling. Schneider declares :“It does not have to be overtly sexual,” . “There’s a way to tell our story where it’s not offensive. It is an edgy brand. And it will continue to be an edgy brand.”

She wants also to underline that the manufacturing is made in America and the label pays the factory workers much more than those overseas.

Paula arrived in a turbulent moment for the company.The previous CEO was accused of sexual harassment towards female employees and of being bizarre.

She wants to impose a corporate discipline and she already hired a new responsible for the planning and forecasting so she can match better the production with the demand.

“It has to be a little sexy,” Schneider said. “We sell lingerie. We sell hosiery. You just make sure we aren’t crossing the line. It should be about empowering women, empowering people.”

American Apparel’s New CEO’s marketing strategy


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