9 Fun Gift Ideas for Adults

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The holidays are here, and with them comes an opportunity to spread some cheer. While you’re thinking about what to get for your friends and family, don’t forget about yourself. Sometimes the best gifts come from within us: a cozy sweater, new shoes or that book we’ve been putting off reading since spring. But what if you want something else. Well then, read on. Here are 9 fun gift ideas that make great presents for anyone who’s over 18 years old.


A cocktail guide

If they’re a fan of cocktails, this is a great gift. You can find cocktail guides online or in bookstores. There are even some apps that will help you make delicious drinks without having to look up recipes on your phone.

Make sure they’ve got all the tools they need before buying one though: measuring cups and spoons as well as proper glassware (if applicable).


Greeting cards

Greeting cards are a great gift for adults. They don’t have to be boring or sentimental; you can use them as a way to express your feelings or make someone laugh. There are many different types of greeting cards available on Greetings From Hell that offer a range of very blunt and silly messages inside them for all your loved ones. Cards make it easy to show someone you care. From birthdays and anniversaries, to get-well wishes or simply letting a friend know they are in your thoughts – no matter the occasion there’s sure to be an appropriate card available.


A subscription to a magazine

Give the reader in your life a gift that keeps on giving – select from an array of magazine subscriptions available online Enjoy the convenience and savings with packages for multiple magazines or opt for one-year subscription options.

Choose the magazine subscription with caution. Read up on what kind of content is included in it to make sure your gift recipient will be as excited about receiving this present as you are giving it. This way they can benefit from having something special delivered regularly, tailored just for them.


Gin tasting set

Give the perfect gift of fun and conversation with a gin-tasting set. Your friends can gather for an evening of creativity, where you get to try different gins as well as discover new flavours together in your own home.

To host a perfect Gin tasting, you’ll need an exquisite selection of different Gins. Create that extra special touch with the finest New Zealand gins from Easy Tiger or other online liquor stores, where you can choose from a huge collection of top-notch alcohol for any occasion. During your evening, equip everyone with two glasses per guest along with four carafes for refilling those G&T’s. Include some olives or other garnishes in small bowls – served neatly on toothpicks if desired – plus get mini-spoons ready so sharing doesn’t become tedious or messy.

Make sure to call ahead when you have an entertaining occasion in store for a special someone who loves drinks after work or during hangouts. This way, there’s no confusion about any alcohol-related restrictions and the night can carry on smoothly.


Gift certificate for a massage or other spa treatments

A massage is a great gift for an adult. It can help with stress, muscle pain, headaches and anxiety. Massage also helps with insomnia and depression. If you’re not sure what type of massage your friend would like, ask them about what they like and enjoy.


A cookbook with recipes for them to try

Cookbooks are an excellent choice for those just learning their way around a kitchen and looking to expand their culinary repertoire, “The Best Homemade Kids’ Lunches on the Planet” by Becky Lasky is ideal. Packed with delicious recipes sure to please even the pickiest of eaters, this gift will surely keep them busy in the kitchen.


Alcohol, including wine and beer

Gifting alcohol is an excellent way to show you care. Show your loved ones some appreciation with a delicious bottle of wine, a frosty six-pack of beer or even their favorite hard liquor. With the variety available on store shelves today, there’s certain to be something that’ll make any adult feel special – just remember what they like and always drink responsibly.

If someone in your life loves wine but hasn’t tried any fancy ones yet then this would be a great choice You can buy them a bottle from their favorite winery or find something new that sounds interesting based on their preferences (dry vs fruity). Also, beer has become increasingly popular over recent years so there are lots of options available now which makes shopping easier than ever before. If someone doesn’t already have favourite brands then try picking out one based off taste profiles.


Money towards a travel experience

A monetary gift is a great way to ensure your loved one makes their travelling dreams come true. Don’t just give them cash without any purpose- encourage them to create an exciting plan for how they’ll use the money, and make sure they have enough funds to make it happen.


Special tickets to a concert or event

Show the special someone in your life how much you care by getting them tickets to an upcoming concert or event of their favourite musician, band or performer. It’s sure to be a gift they’ll never forget.

Surprise them with the gift of a lifetime–tickets to see their favourite artist live in concert. Show them you care by getting tickets that will make this dream come true. Whether it’s VIP or regular, they’ll be sure to appreciate and remember such an unforgettable experience.


Long story short

Choosing a gift for someone you care about can be difficult – not too expensive, yet meaningful enough. To make it easier, here are some great ideas that they’re sure to love without breaking the bank. Show them how much thought you’ve put into their special present and leave an impression with one of these unique options.

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