8 Ribbon crafts to try at home now

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Do you have an extra set of ribbons at home? You probably would, especially if you love giving gifts to people with nice decorations. You always have a bit left over when you use ribbon to decorate a gift. Gradually, these increase, and you have a box of leftover ribbons that are not perfect for wrapping gifts. Then what do you do with them? Do you throw the ribbons out? You don’t have to! You can repurpose them by getting creative with them. The number of crafts you can try with leftover ribbons will astonish you. These craft ideas are perfect for doing with kids, as they will keep them engaged. Or you can try it when you are stressed or want to do something creative. They are calming, and you always have something amazing and unique.


Ribbon wreath

Putting a wreath on your door during Christmas is a must for everyone. Isn’t it? But when it’s not Christmas, why does your door have to look empty? It can still look incredible if you put a ribbon wreath on it. Using multiple-colored ribbons to make a beautiful wreath is calming and creative. If you want to try this, follow these instructions.


Update your planters with ribbons.

Having plants in your home is such a positive feeling. They calm your nerves and bring freshness to the air. So why not make them more interesting instead of using boring planters? You can buy vases and fancy planters, but they cost a bit more. And when you can do it in less time at home, why not try it? With fancy velvet ribbons, your planters can get a quick makeover. For instance, you can use a tin can or any normal planter. First, paint it with your desired color. Next, paste the ribbon on all sides of the can with glue. It will look so pretty and aesthetic after you add plants to it.


Ribbon wand

A fun project you can do with your little ones. They all want their wands and want to do magic or go to Hogwarts. You can fulfill their latter wish, but with this craft, they can have a wand, which they can use to do pretend magic. All you have to do is find a straw or something sturdy. Wrap it with gift paper. Then add as many colored ribbons as you want. The strips should be thin to easily add many ribbons, and it flows. Your young one will have so much fun playing with it.


Ribbon flowers

For this, you need ribbons and a few buttons. A craft you can do alone or get your kids or nieces and nephews involved. It is such a fun project, and you get pretty-looking flowers. You can use it for wrapping gifts or other things. You can even put them on headbands or your bag; it will look perfect.


Ribbon chandelier

Want a quick decoration idea for a birthday or bridal party? Then try this ribbon chandelier project. Get the best ribbons for this—velvet or fancy ones. Find an ideal ring and cut the ribbons to the desired length. Add it to the ring and put it up. It is fancy without costing you much, making it a perfect and quick decoration idea for any party or festival.


Ribbon keychain

Do you have a boring keychain and leftover bits of ribbon? Then put them together to create a pretty keychain. Use it for your keys or even your journal. This keychain will be the perfect bookmark if you have a spiral journal.


Ribbon flip flops

Give your slippers a quirky makeover. Find all the bits of ribbon you have, cut them into thin strips, and add them to your slippers. If you have kids, they will love this idea; it is also a fun project.


Ribbon bookmarks

Use velvet ribbons to make aesthetically pleasing bookmarks. After cutting the ribbon to your desired length, add a charm using a jewelry clamp. It is so pretty and perfect for ardent book readers.

Aren’t these ideas just perfect? Who knew ribbons could make such beautiful things? Try these in your free time, with kids, or when your screen time has escalated badly. Enjoy and comment on more such ideas below.



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