7 Bold Aesthetics You Should Incorporate into Your Personal Style

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In the past, style enthusiasts would keep an eye out for new trends in fashion that might inspire them to adopt a new look. Now, thanks to the internet and instant communication across the world, trends are less attached to movements or designers and can sprout from almost anywhere, gaining a fanbase overnight. These are considered ‘aesthetics’ rather than trends since people who appreciate them pay more attention to the overall feeling, not a subculture or movement. Adopting new aesthetics into your wardrobe can be a great way to shake up your style. Here are seven bold aesthetics you should try.


1 – Cottage-core

If you spend any time online, you have probably already been exposed to the soothing world of cottage-core. This is an aesthetic trend that romanticizes the simple life of living rurally. Natural materials, natural hair, and nature-based activities all influence the look. Think worn-in dungarees or a gingham prairie dress.


2 – Minimalist

There are two ways to adopt a minimalist wardrobe. The first is to own fewer items of clothing simply. The second is to dress with a minimalist approach to the aesthetic of the outfit, such as by wearing simplified silhouettes or monochrome.


3 – Maximalist

In opposition to the minimalist look, maximalism is about going overboard. No rules restrict the number of patterns or layers you should include in your outfit. Bright colors, big accessories, complicated shapes, and unpredictable pairings all contribute to a successfully maximalist look.


4 – Luxe Hyper-Femininity

This aesthetic isn’t just about being feminine. It’s also about demonstrating your elegance through beautiful garments and extravagant accessories. You won’t find any more luxurious and playfully feminine accessories than those by www.judithleiber.com. People who enjoy this look tend to wear lighter tones with plenty of pink, white, silver, and gold. This aesthetic has the benefit of flexibility in that most hues can be incorporated into it without distracting from it so long as the clothing and accessories possess other feminine qualities.


5 – Vintage

This is a broad term that can be applied to any outfits deliberately styled to look like they are from a period of time in the past. For example, corduroy flares hint at a ’70s vibe, while baggy jeans and oversized plaid shirts are inspired by ’90s grunge. The best and most authentic vintage looks are created when an individual takes the time to track down genuine garments from the period.


6 – Contemporary Grunge

Unlike ’90s grunge, this aesthetic originates from teenagers on Tumblr during the early 2010s. It involves wearing black clothing, grid patterns, heavy boots, and silver jewelry. Your look will be complete if you have an obscure band tee, a pair of over-the-knee black socks, and some fishnet tights.


7 – Model Off-Duty

This aesthetic is inspired by top models in their everyday lives or on their way to a casting. The outfits usually remain simple, such as jeans and a plain T-shirt or vest, with minimal makeup. The key is to elevate the look with subtle touches of elegance and personality with accessories.

Hopefully, you feel inspired to try out some stylish aesthetics for yourself.


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