6 Trendy Women Tank Tops You Can Find in a Korean Store

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There was once a time where tank tops cannot and should not be worn by men and women in a public place because it looks improper, even too revealing for some. However, it has successfully paved its way in modern casual outfits. From workout outfits to night parties, you will always see women wearing different kinds of tank tops.

Women wear this for numerous reasons. It can be for accentuating their figure, preventing their underclothes from showing, and for more comfort. Tank tops can be very comfortable, but not everyone can pull off a casual tank top outfit. Unfortunately, you will notice that tank tops are more expensive than t-shirts.

Here, we will provide you with some of the trendiest yet affordable tank tops you can find in a Korean store, mostly in Korean online stores. Check them out!

1 – Duwnie – Crop Tank Top

Having a good basic tank top can do wonders for your casual looks. However, many rubbish tank tops become sheer when stretched. This crop tank top is made with 100% cotton, and it comes in four colors. This classic tank top can be used for a hot day out, a usual walk to the park, and even casual night out parties. It works perfectly with plaid and denim jackets, but you can use it by itself, even at home.

2 – Dictynna – One-Shoulder Cropped Tank Top

One-shoulder tank tops are becoming one of the hottest fashion trends this year. It was once a massive trend years ago, but a more minimalistic and classic approach is taking place during this time. The remarkable thing about one-shoulder tank tops is the balance it gives between modesty and sexy vibe. You can wear this top with high-waist jeans or wide-leg pants on parties and date nights. This tank top is available in three colors: black, white, and red.

2 – Hotarium – Two-tone Tank Top

Geometric-styled clothes never go out of style, as it is pleasing to look at, especially when the colors blend well together. This tank top comes in almond and brown colors shared in a geometric pattern. It comes in three sizes and is made with 90% polyester. High-waist jeans and this tank top are enough to keep you aesthetically beautiful on an average day. You can also wear this in summer or on a typical hot day as the material is within the right amount of thin but not enough to become seethrough.

4 – Dictynna – Halter Cropped Tank Top

Nothing can go wrong with a black halter cropped tank top with white trim on a typical day. This top works well with a sporty outfit, and you can even wear it while working out. It is made with 100% polyester, and it comes with a small “such cute” tag at the center. This top works perfectly with sweatpants, track pants, and even joggers. You can choose from two colors, dark blue and black.

5 – Eropia – Lace-up Front Tank Top

Don’t settle for your usual plain tank tops. This top comes with a lace-up front and a ribbed fabric, perfect for a casual day out. Wearing a cardigan and a crossbody bag will definitely complete the look, but you can wear it alone or with a flannel. As for the bottoms, you can wear mid-waist or high-waist skinny jeans or shorts, but be sure to tuck the top in as it is not cropped. It is available in four colors: yellow, black, gray, and white.

6 – Sosana – Cross Strap Cut-Out Cropped Tank Top

Flaunt your sexy body with this cross-strap top. This cropped tank top is perfect for a date night and a girl’s night party. It will look perfect with high-waist denim or leather skinny jeans paired with high heels for a more sophisticated, classy, and sultry look. This top comes in three colors: black, white, and light blue.


Final Thoughts

Designers have successfully revamped the tank tops we have right now, and it is becoming one of the hottest trends of the century. Most women are not confident to wear tank tops as they don’t think they can pull it off. However, numerous guides are available online to help you determine how you can properly wear tank tops on any occasion.


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