5 Wellness Tips for Women Over 40

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Once you hit 40 years old, you’ll probably notice specific changes in your body. Many of the newer signs and symptoms you’ve seen in the mirror include weight gain, lines, and wrinkles, just to name a few. There are specific health and wellness concerns unique to women in their 40s that they may not experience at earlier ages. This causes premature signs of aging in your body. No matter how disturbing, you must begin to accept the bodily changes that occur.


Therefore, it becomes essential to embrace your positive self-image and implement lifestyle changes to help you cope with your regular life without any problems. The stress of managing children, high work pressure, and your whole family makes life challenging. But, you know what your capabilities are, so set your goals accordingly. Below are several healthy lifestyle habits you can incorporate into your life:

Maintain Regular Checkup


A regular health checkup is crucial so that taking appropriate action can be taken.  You should schedule an appointment to discuss which tests are required and how often. Being more aware of your health as you age is essential. You can have screenings like colonoscopy, mammogram, and bone density tests to determine whether you have osteoporosis. Some screening guidelines may differ based on your potential risk factors, so share your medical history with your physician to find the optimal screening option according to your health history. While you’re at it, have your skin checked, and use appropriate skin care products like those by Comfort Zone to always have youthful skin. Getting your health on track early will surely help you to enjoy every bit of life.

Eat Healthy 


Eating balanced meals free of processed food is essential. Drink sufficient amounts of water too. Your activities are likely to change as you age. Therefore, your diet needs to be adjusted accordingly. Fruit, vegetables, food supplements, Vitamin D and calcium, and high grains should make up a higher percentage of your meals. As a woman reaches her 40s, her dietary needs change drastically due to hormones. Instead of gobbling up a full plate of food, slow down while you’re eating, and stop when you’re satisfied.

Muscle is built and maintained by eating food high in protein. The body can become weak and waste away if it doesn’t get enough protein, resulting in increased fractures from falls or accidents. Optimizing your protein metabolism requires, at least, 20 grams of protein in every meal. You usually get complete protein from animal sources. If you eat meat, it’s easier to assure that you’re getting complete protein in your diet.

Exercise Regularly


This is simple one, but essential. If we don’t keep our bodies moving, our vitality and wellness can suffer as our bodies grow stiffer with age. Maintain a healthy and balanced lifestyle by staying active and changing up your workouts. Exercise is crucial as we naturally lose muscle mass as we age. Getting some exercise can extend one’s life and prevent the progression and development of chronic diseases which many people begin thinking about when they turn 40. You don’t need to do intense exercises or other lengthy daily exercises; just do something each day that keeps your joints lubricated and your body moving. A regular exercise program improves your blood flow, strengthens your muscles, and fights off sagging skin. Do an exercise program that will enhance your strength and make your arms firm and free of loose skin. Finish it off by wearing workout clothes that make you stylish and help you feel good about yourself.

Prioritize Sleep 


Sleep deprivation leaves you more than just tired. Your health is adversely affected when you don’t get adequate sleep. You may have thrived in your youth without getting seven to nine hours of sleep every night, but, these days, it’s even more critical. Sleep deprivation can affect your health in several ways, including a greater likelihood of becoming ill.

Control Stress 


Stress will cause your breathing rhythm to be different and cause less oxygen to flow to your cells. A calm mind causes the heart to beat rapidly upon inhalation and slowly on exhalation.  It’s impossible to eliminate stress; however, there are many stress management methods like exercising regularly, journaling, reducing your workload, and taking breaks when needed.

Talking about your feelings, resolving your conflicts, and being around people you find uplifting can help you manage your stress.


Living healthily has been a challenge for many of us. We have images in our minds of what our lives ought to be, even if such aren’t what make us happy. However, once you’re 40, it’s time to let go of that and start living the life you truly want to live. Every person has a unique body with a fantastic set of needs. Get involved in an activity that brings you joy and vitality. Indeed, life begins anew at 40.


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