4 Secrets to Thriving During Your First Year of College

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College can have its ups and downs, especially during the first year when you try to balance your social life, studies, and settling into the new environment. College indirectly acts as a rite of passage to adulthood. You have to manage the freedom of living far from your parents. You will be required to take charge of your life and steer it in the right trajectory. Sometimes the responsibility can become overwhelming, especially if you are just leaving the nest. However, with organization and some tricks, you will smoothly sail through your first year. Read on for tips you can use to thrive during your first year in college.


Don’t Be Too Hard on Yourself

The pressure to achieve can be too much in the first year, primarily due to expectations from family. For this reason, some students deal with anxieties during the first year. However, everything in college is different from your high school experiences, so you should ease yourself slowly into the campus schedule.

From bulky majors to longer classes, you will need to give yourself time to adjust. Trying to understand the ropes at once will put unnecessary pressure on yourself. So can go easy on yourself by selecting modest majors in your first year to test the system and give yourself time to settle.

Choose at least one interesting elective course that will make learning fun. Having one interesting class may change your attitude toward school, and you may find yourself getting comfortable sooner than expected. On the other hand, complex majors may lower your confidence if you underperform in them on the first attempt.


Adapt Good Study Habits

You will have a lot of classes to attend, deadlines to meet, and exams to sit for. Therefore, you will need to create good study habits to excel academically. You can start by identifying the best study time and location on campus. Then create your schedule using your study time. For example, you can decide to study in the evening or morning and then proceed with other activities afterward.

The location you choose for your studies should be free from distraction. Get rid of distractions such as phones so you can make the most of your study time.

Also, you need to be aware of when your mind can take more technical subjects and when you can only handle lighter units. Take breaks in between and allocate sufficient time for each subject. With good study habits, you will not need to hire online paper writers for your assignments.


Find a Support System

Being miles away from your family can be unsettling, primarily if you are used to being at home with them. Students need to find a sound support system in college from friends and even lecturers if possible. Having a social circle in college keeps you sane since you will have people to share your frustrations and joys with. Through a sound support system, you will find the motivation to face your challenges and have some cheerleaders to celebrate your achievements.

You can also identify the school resources and offices set up to support students mentally and emotionally. Ensure you locate the guidance and counseling office where you can get help if you struggle.

You might lose it from the many classes to tight assignment deadlines; thus, you need a support system to help maintain your sanity. You can also find a lecturer you can talk to and who can be your mentor to help you grow personally and academically.


Time Management

Time management is a soft skill that will not only help you in school, but you will also need it when you start working. In college, time management is essential since you’ll have a lot of free time. Thus, you’ll have to structure your time.

With the freedom that comes with college, it may be hard to get into a routine, and you may find yourself having poor sleeping patterns, which will, in turn, affect your daily activities. Therefore, as you join college, be sure to be strategic about your time so you have time for classes, personal reading, and entertainment.


Final Take

College presents an array of opportunities, adventures, and lessons. It would be best if you lived in the moment to experience all these. To have better experiences, you must find the balance between studies and extracurricular activities since they all contribute to you being an all-rounded student. Also, remember to guard your mental health. Amidst all the chaos, ensure you find time for self-care and introspection.


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