10 Women’s fashion basic to mix and match everyday

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Every women questions themselves: “But what can I wear today?” “. And especially at this time, it’s good to have basics in your wardrobe that never go out of style. For those who wish to have less stress in the face of your wardrobe in the morning, today we reveal our ten classics that can be easily combined and that will save your much time.


 The blouse

The blouse is really a must. No matter what you wear it with, a skirt, jeans or fabric pants, it goes with everything. The blouse can be purchased in different colors. However, be careful when buying to choose a timeless cut. The top should neither be too tight nor too loose, it should simply fit the shape of the silhouette well. Doreen from the Cover Stories blog shows us her look. She wears a classic blue blouse with eye-catching details on the sleeves.


The bags

Our first love and our most important accessory: handbags. The handbag is the one that constantly accompanies us day and night. This is why most women have many, to wear according to the occasions and with the right outfits. Women’s fendi bag  gives a feeling of confidence and each onion topped differently. It is the choice of those who appreciate the feminine and modern approach of the creative designer with a worldwide reputation.


The blazer

Every woman needs a blazer, and now you can easily find a variety of options online. Here too, you can simply combine everything with this piece. Worn with jeans, it transforms the outfit to give it a casual business touch. For a more chic and elegant version, you can wear the blazer with a dress or a thin blouse, and both variants work wonderfully, so you might as well take advantage of them! Just remember, as with the blouse, the key to a good blazer is its fit. Showcasing how versatile this wardrobe essential can be. So, explore the online stores and find the perfect women’s blazer to elevate your style game!


Blue jeans: The classic of all time

As mentioned in the article dedicated to fashion basics for him , blue jeans are also a must-have for women. The jeans of our dreams make us pretty buttocks and fit us perfectly. With a pair of trendy sneakers it takes on a casual look and with a pair of heels it becomes super sexy.


Leather jackets and biker jackets

Every cool woman has a cool leather jacket in her wardrobe. The leather jacket can be combined easily and in various ways. You can create with a gothic, rock, mysterious or sexy look. Leather jacket in an eye-catching color or in its classic black variant? With or without fringes? With or without neck? You are spoiled for choice!


The right bra

The bra, a basic? And yes girls! A bra that holds well and is of good quality is one of the most important basics for a woman. A bra that holds the bust well, that is the right size and has a nice shape, it’s a bra that will really show off the clothes you like to wear close to the body like your favorite top or your little dress. And since it is not as easy as you think to find a good bra, it is recommended to seek advice from a professional.


The cardigan

For those who want to shine with their look even when the days are cold, it is impossible to miss the cardigan vest . The vest changes every outfit (in a good way) and keeps you warm. And even in spring it is possible to wear this basic and leave your jacket aside.



Jewelry such as necklaces , rings , bracelets or watches are essential to create a top outfit. The rule is above all to take it easy and not carry your entire jewelry box on you (a bit like make-up!). In everyday life, at work, during leisure time, at school or in the office, we start from the principle “Less is more”. If you like to wear many rings and even several on the same finger, we advise you not to force earrings and necklaces and to stick to simple models.


Maxi dresses: The basic for festivals

Maxi dresses are just awesome. They are especially essentials for hot summer days. Threaded and you’re done. To bring more style to your look, you can wear it with a pair of gladiator sandals, a chic hat and a long necklace. You’re ready for the next festival season and you’re not far from the stars of the Coachella festival in their hippie look.


Sneakers: Basics that we like to collect

Sneakers are of course a must. Many of us have even lost count. Only two pairs left to store, we have a sneaker wardrobe. The color really doesn’t matter, the most important thing being that they are comfortable. Every year new shoe trends hit the market. While yesterday the little favorites were the adidas Superstar in white and black, today it is the pastel colors that are the most popular.

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