La La Land (2016)

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La La Land vintage fashion captured the essence of old Hollywood glamour and brought it into the modern era. The film’s costume designer, Mary Zophres, known for her work on films such as True Grit and Interstellar, played a crucial role in creating the film’s vibrant and nostalgic costumes. La La Land’s influence on fashion was marked by a revival of classic and vintage-inspired styles.

The film’s costumes featured flowing dresses, retro silhouettes, and sophisticated menswear, all of which contributed to a sense of timeless elegance. Emma Stone’s character, Mia, wore a series of brightly coloured dresses that became iconic, inspiring fashion trends that embraced bold, primary colours and playful yet sophisticated designs. The use of retro silhouettes, such as A-line skirts and fitted bodices, reminded audiences of the elegance and charm of Hollywood’s Golden Age.

La La Land vintage fashion also impacted menswear, with Ryan Gosling’s character, Sebastian, donning tailored suits and classic accessories that harkened back to the style of jazz musicians from the mid-20th century. This sparked a renewed interest in vintage menswear, with designers incorporating elements such as slim-fit suits, wingtip shoes, and skinny ties into their collections.

The film’s romanticised view of Los Angeles, with its iconic locations and dreamy cinematography, also influenced fashion and lifestyle trends. The nostalgic and whimsical aesthetic of La La Land encouraged fashion enthusiasts to embrace vintage styles and incorporate elements of old Hollywood glamour into their wardrobes.

In essence, La La Land vintage fashion revived classic and vintage-inspired fashion, reminding audiences of the timeless elegance and charm of Hollywood’s Golden Age, and encouraging a renewed interest in nostalgic and sophisticated styles.

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