Funny Face (1957)

1950s Fashion in Films

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An Edith Head and Hubert de Givenchy collaboration in Audrey Hepburn’s first great musical production, this film was another of Edith’s nominations for an academy award for costume design.

Fred Astaire as a fashion photographer is hired by his boss a high flying magazine editor to go out and find a new “beautiful and intellectual” fashion model. He doesn’t waste any time in discovering Hepburn whom he whisks off to Paris where she becomes the sharp, chic and glamorous model they were looking for. Her clothing started out as steady, sensible outfits, a lot of black, cropped trousers and roll neck jumpers and shapeless macs.

Once she goes to Paris she is adorned with glamorous a line dresses, skirt suits, casual trousers suits all with large elegant hats, strapless embroidered dresses and full skirts. She is perfect for the showcasing of couture.

Also in the autumn 2006, clothing retailer The Gap used some dance footage from Funny Face in its advert for their new skinny black trousers.


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