Cleopatra (1963)

1960s Fashion in Films Cleopatra  

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Cleopatra was one of the highest costing films of its time, at just  over $44 million (which is the equivalent of $320 million in today’s current economy) $194,800 of that was spent on Elizabeth Taylor’s wardrobe alone. Her 65 costume changes went from the sublime to the ridiculous, only in terms of being over the top as these included a dress made from 24 carat gold cloth, but for an Egyptian Pharaoh was entirely justified. Not only do her Roman style dresses withstand the test of time, as there is never a time when they are not en Vogue with their off the shoulder style, draped silk and gold embellishments, but her accessories and makeup set precedent for the decade to come, and many more revisits. The gold snake bracelets worn far up the arm are still seen in fashion today and the strong black cat eyed liner and colourful metallic eye make-up is forever being replica-ed by many beauty brands.


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