Sneakers are also know as trainers or plimsolls. They are shoes that cover the whole foot, sit just under the ankle and have laces in the centre to tie them up tightly to help runners or other sportsmen with theirs specific sports. Sneakers have been around since the late 18th century. People wore rubber soled shoes called plimsolls however back then the shoes were not even designed with left and right feet. By 1917 an American company called Keds made a canvas styled sneaker with rubber soles, they were mass produced and today the brand is still very popular. The same year Marquis Converse produced shoes for the basketball teams called Converse All Stars which then become bestsellers, trends that followed until today. Trainers were in great demand and many brands like Adidas that started making them back then became global. In 1984 the brand Nike became exremely popular especially when famous athletes like the basketball player Michael Jordan wore them. Although trainers were worn for sporting purposes, they have became increasingly part of fashion, worn casually especially by teenagers. Many sporting brands have made these sneakers / trainers part of fashion by differentiate them for theirs colours, fabrics, laces and different designs.

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