Modern Era


In general, Modern Era refers to a period of history spanning from 1946 to the present day. With the end of the Second World War in 1945, fashion changed radically in a very short space of time. The general attitude to fashion during the war was that of austerity; women had to wear extremely cheap garments, everything was rationed and the general attitude towards fashion was “make-do and mend”. As soon as the war ended women were keen to recapture their femininity and individuality whilst showcasing their figures. Clothing became decadent, with fur stoles, silk gloves and pearl necklaces being worn frequently as a mark of luxury. Undoubtedly the most iconic garment of the 1940s was the pencil skirt, a sartorial classic which captures the glamour and femininity of the era.

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Written by Jacob Hall

Jacob Hall is a modern languages student currently working freelance as a fashion journalist. Can generally be found lurking around the Givenchy menswear section of the Birmingham Bullring!

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