Alexander McQueen SS12

Metaphysical Art was first introduced by Giorgio de Chirico in 1911. The movement focuses on the great works of the past and is consumed by feelings of nostalgia and silence. The beginning of the twentieth century was a challenging time for society. Technology was developing, the Victorian values were being forgotten and women were starting to wear trousers. This idealism of the future and pushing the boundaries of the past were too much for Metaphysical artists, they were backward in their viewpoint compared to the rest of society.

Metaphysical art is famous for the dreamlike pieces which it produces. Artists of this style also play with light and shadow to absorb and off balance the audience. Chirico is also known for playing with the sense of time, mixing different periods of time together and blurring the boundaries. Other artists such as Carlo Carrá and Giorgio Morandi are also well known Metaphysical artists. They grew close to Chirico and produced a Metaphysical school which opened in 1917, just before the war.

Alexander McQueen SS12

Chirico’s style of painting has influenced many forms of art, and it wasn’t long after the French Surrealist’s saw his style of evocative works that Surrealism took hold. Fashion designers and artists have continuously been influenced by the works of the Metaphysical artists including Alexander McQueen whose Spring Summer 2012 campaign saw a sense of the eerie and dramatic Metaphysical style.

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