Heels are designed to raise the foot at the back of the shoe while the front being lower, this is called high heels; the most common heel and iconic shoe of all time used by women. Its purpose is to create the illusion of longer legs and making you taller. There are many different forms of heels such us platforms, kitten heels, stiletto and wedges. A heel is basically a raise on a shoe and comes in different levels of heights and widths. This shoe from spring/summer 2012 collection of designer Fendi illustrates the inventive and different styles of heels today.

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Written by Paige Carter

Paige Carter, studying footwear and accessories at Northampton University. She has passion and eye for footwear and loves handbags and enjoys fashion writing and blogging. Ambitions to be a shoes and accessories designer. Paige is part of Catwalk yourself writing the shoes dictionary section.

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