3/4 Length


Used to describe mainly the lengths of sleeves, this length depicts that the sleeve sits between the elbow and wrist. It is mainly used in womenswear, producing a flattering look. This sleeve length will be used frequently on tops rather than jackets but is used on coats that are longer in length and those than hang larger on the body. It may be used commonly in another type of sleeve too – the Kimono sleeve.  ¾ length may be used for skirts as well, presently it situates the meaning for “midi-length” but on trousers keeps the term ¾ length or “cropped”.

Cristobal Balenciaga fashioned this length in 1950s transforming restriction for women. This length was designed mainly for dresses throughout that time but during the 1980s, this length was fashioned often on tops, mainly in the fabric lycra, and jackets.

However, for 2012 this length appears to be on trend for S/S with Chanel S/S 12 showing woven jackets and shirts situated on the sleeves at this length. Dior S/S 12 featured many dresses which had ¾ 3 quarter sleeves shirts, showing a clear historical influence and a relaxed silhouette.

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