Vanessa Bruno

Born: Paris, France, 1967

Designer Biography Vanessa Bruno

Vanessa Bruno’s journey into the fashion industry began at a young age. Born to a Danish supermodel and the founder of the French fashion house Emmanuelle Khan, Bruno grew up surrounded by the world of fashion. At just 15 years old, she followed in her mother’s footsteps and embarked on a modeling career, all while exploring her talents in singing and acting.

With a background in photo shoots and runways, Bruno eventually shifted her focus towards fashion design. She immersed herself in clothing and couture, ultimately deciding to fully dedicate herself to the art of designing.

Bruno honed her skills through experiences with fashion labels such as Dorothée Bis and later, Michael Klein. By 1992, Bruno’s burgeoning talent led her to establish her own label. Her creations offered a simple yet sophisticated aesthetic, characterized by a bohemian and modern style.

In 1995, Bruno expanded her fashion presence by introducing Athé, a complementary line to her primary Vanessa Bruno collection. Her success continued to soar, and in 1998, she proudly opened her first boutique in Paris.

Throughout her career, Vanessa Bruno collaborated with designer and filmmaker Stephanie Di Giusto, contributing to clothing designs for short films, including “A Visual Poetry,” featuring Kate Bosworth, who has been the face of Vanessa Bruno since 2012.

Renowned for her effortless and romantic designs, Vanessa Bruno’s clothing has become a favorite among fashion-conscious celebrities. Her famous Lune bag and Strass carrying bag have become coveted must-have items.

Vanessa Bruno’s creations embody a bohemian luxury that is both easy and uncomplicated. She effortlessly brings elegance to the forefront, epitomizing the enviable Parisian style that many aspire to attain.

Vanessa Bruno Biography

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