Tyler Mitchel

Born: Atlanta, Georgia, 1995

Tyler Mitchell, born on January 12, 1995, in Atlanta, Georgia, is a pioneering visionary in the world of fashion photography. This talented photographer made history by becoming the first African-American photographer to shoot the cover of Vogue magazine, a milestone that marked a significant shift towards inclusivity and diversity in the fashion industry.

Tyler’s journey into the world of photography began at an early age, driven by his passion for capturing the world around him. He honed his craft at the Tisch School of the Arts at New York University, where he studied film and television.

In 2018, Tyler Mitchell achieved global recognition when he photographed Beyoncé for Vogue’s September issue. This groundbreaking moment challenged traditional beauty norms and celebrated diversity and authenticity in fashion photography.

His work is characterised by its vibrant and intimate portrayal of subjects. Tyler’s photography captures the essence of his subjects with a sense of vulnerability and grace, showcasing their true personalities and stories.

Beyond his Vogue cover, Tyler Mitchell’s portfolio includes collaborations with renowned fashion brands and publications. His distinctive style, characterised by its use of natural light and vivid colours, continues to set him apart in the industry.

Tyler’s impact extends beyond fashion photography. He is an advocate for diversity and inclusion in the arts, using his platform to champion the voices of underrepresented artists and creators.

In the world of fashion photography, Tyler Mitchell stands as a pioneering visionary, a symbol of progress, and a catalyst for change. His influence on the fashion landscape is profound, and his dedication to promoting diversity and authenticity continues to inspire and reshape the industry.

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