Sophie Dahl

Born: London, England, 1977

Sophie Dahl was born in 1977 in London and is a model, author and cook.

The great Isabella Blow who was then working as a Vogue stylist discovered Sophie. After Isabella introduced Sophie to Sarah Doukas of Storm Model Agency she was soon signed and became an instant success in the fashion industry.

As well as being known for her work in fashion industry Sophie is also from a famous family, with her grandfather being the iconic children’s author, Roald Dhal. Sophie was the inspiration behind her grandfathers much loved story ‘The BFG’.

Sophie is commonly referred to as ‘Britain’s Largest model’ standing at a size 14 for most of her career. She often spoke out against the pressure on models to be too thin and the expectations of the fashion industry: “Fashion should be about making clothes that make all women look beautiful, not making women starve so that they can fit in a size 8. I couldn’t do it, I really couldn’t be that size. I like eating too much.”

Sophie’s career got off to a prestigious start; Nick Knight photographed her first job. Her success continued as she appeared in campaigns for Versace, Alexander McQueen, Patrick Cox and Pringle. Sophie also appeared for an impressive list of magazines including Vogue, Elle, ID, W, V and Harpers Bazaar. Following Nick Knight Sophie went on to be photographed by a host of other reputed fashion photographers including Richard Avedon, David Bailey, Peter Lindbergh, Bruce Weber and Steven Meisel.

Yves Saint-Laurent choose Sophie as the face of the perfume Opium in 2000, the famoursly controversial advert, which was directed by Tom ford and shot by Steven Meisel, ended up being banned after complaints were made about its raunchy nature.

As well as working as one of the most memorable and successful models of our era Sophie also works as a writer and regularly contributes to Vogue. In 2003 Sophie published her first book, the illustrated novella ‘The man with the Dancing Eyes’, was a Times bestseller and after it’s success she went on to contribute to a wealth of other publications including ‘The Guardian’, ‘The Telegraph’ and ‘The Observer’.

Sophie is also a keen chef and has written two cook books ‘Miss Dahls Voluptuous Delghts’ and ‘From Season to Season’ and went on to host her own cooking show on the BBC ‘The Delicious Miss Dahl’.

In 2010 Sophie married singer Jamie Cullen, they had their first child in 2011. As the years progressed, Dahl’s career took on new dimensions. In 2011, she explored her passion for writing by releasing her first novel, “Playing with the Grown-ups.” This critically acclaimed work showcased her literary talent and added depth to her already multifaceted career. Her ability to captivate both on the page and the runway further solidified her influence in the fashion and literary worlds. In 2012, Dahl expanded her horizons by venturing into television, hosting her own cooking show, “The Delicious Miss Dahl.”

As a mother and advocate for body positivity, Dahl used her platform to promote self-acceptance and celebrate diverse beauty. In 2015, she became a vocal spokesperson for body confidence, inspiring women around the world to embrace their natural selves and reject societal beauty standards. Her unwavering commitment to empowering others through her own journey was both inspiring and transformative.

Sophie Dahl Biography

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