Mariella Burani

Founded in 1960 by Walter and Mariella Burani

Growing up, Mariella Burani was inspired by her surroundings. Attending a local school in Reggio Emilia, Burani originally trained as a teacher.

Burani started her transition into fashion after marrying Walter Burani. Together they founded SELENE in 1960, today known as Mariella Burani Fashion Group SpA.

During the 60s and 70s Burani started to be noticed for her youthful innocent designs in children’s wear. With her talents growing, Burani was appointed to create the brands prêt-a-porter collection in 1975.

Burani met photographer Peter Lindbergh in the 80s. The chance meeting started a long-term collaboration between the pair. Lindbergh said of the designers apparel; ‘her clothes were like seeing his grandmother’s on a chic, modern girl who wore army boots on her feet.’ In 1986 their first advertising campaign was released.

The 80s saw the company begin to grow its international presence, opening boutiques worldwide. Production also started for other companies, most notably Valentino.

The business started to focus on the production of other licensed brands during the 90s, including Gai Mattiolo and Calvin Klein.

In 2000 the company expanded its product portfolio into leather goods. The year also saw the acquisition of several firms including Braccialini, Baldinini, Coccinelle and Biasia. A year later, the business acquired a 50% stake of German company, Rene Lezerd Mode.

A restructuring and re-organization of the business took place in 2010, which followed with four new licence agreements signed with Matthew Williamson, Alessandro Dell’Acqua, Ungaro and Lancetti.

In 2010 the company started production of footwear and opened new showrooms in Milan and Rome.

Always on the lookout for constantly evolving simplicity, Mariella Burani offers feminine style mixed up. Inspired by structure and fabrics, Burani loves to design for the imperfect women.

Mariella Burani Biography

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