Eli & Amalia: Redefining Sustainable Fashion with a Family Touch

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In a world where the fashion industry leaves a carbon footprint only surpassed by the oil sector, Eli & Amalia emerges as a beacon of hope and innovation. This brand doesn’t just design clothes; it crafts a sustainable future by intertwining family values and environmental commitment, redefining what fashion should stand for in the modern era.


A New Take on Materials

Eli & Amalia’s commitment to the planet goes beyond mere words. Their collections burst with innovation, harnessing unconventional materials to craft exquisite designs.

Take, for instance, their mid-season vegan leather bomber jacket, which isn’t just any leather; it’s crafted from cactus plants sourced from Mexico. Collaborating with the likes of @desserto, the brand ensures the materials used are not just environmentally friendly but also cruelty-free, benefiting both our planet and its animals.

Their Stella skirt, a true embodiment of sustainable elegance, is created using ECONYL®. This regenerated nylon has its origins in waste, such as fishing nets, discarded fabric scraps, and even industrial plastics. Yet, its environmental impact is a testament to its superiority. By using ECONYL®, Eli & Amalia reduces the global warming impact of nylon by a staggering average of 90%. Such choices position the brand at the forefront of sustainable fashion, proving that style and responsibility can coexist.


Sustainability Beyond Fabrics

Yet, sustainability isn’t just about materials; it’s also about human connections and ethical business practices. Eli & Amalia ensures their collections come to life in small, family-run factories in Italy. These spaces, rich in tradition and craftsmanship, prioritize a healthy work-life balance. As a family brand that shuns the idea of becoming a sprawling corporation, their limited orders translate to minimal waste. Unsold products find a new home, being generously donated to charity.


A Family Legacy

Behind Eli & Amalia’s ecological ethos lies a heartwarming family story. From young Amalia’s talent, nurtured amidst Italy’s picturesque landscapes, crafting garments for fashion icons to her legacy continuing with her son Fabio and his wife Nadine. The brand embodies generations of passion, culminating in designs inspired by their son Eli’s vibrant imagination and spirit of adventure.


A Future Vision

Eli & Amalia stands as a testament to the change the fashion industry desperately needs. They challenge the norms, innovating with materials like recycled cashmere from post-consumer sweaters or the revolutionary PLA Ingeo™ fibre sourced from corn. Through their story and choices, they remind us that protecting the environment isn’t just a responsibility—it’s a legacy we leave for our children.

As consumers, we have the power to shape the future of fashion. With brands like Eli & Amalia leading the way, there’s hope that this future will be brighter, greener, and undeniably stylish. And you, are you ready to be part of the change?


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