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Anyone seeking fashion recognition might want to take notes on the Dilek Hanif Spring-Summer 2012 Haute Couture runways for definitions of best dressed!


The Turkish designer du jour has trumped another series of delicate and effervescent pieces in her 2012 Haute Couture collection, debuting in Paris this month. Poignant and posh, every crafted material exudes intimacy beneath opulence as deep cuts and daring layers decked the halls of a grand love affair with fashion at its finest.

Embellished curves and extravagant waves of silks, tulle and lace poured onto the planks in the spirit of buoyant flashbacks as Hanif addresses her 90s inspirations, and the restlessness of an unforgettable end-of-century decade. Adhering to her trademark of detailed embroidery, Dilek’s blush and shadowed tones breath elements of Ottoman style in modern taste. In her collection of tutus and carpet-lengths, she has sewn in traces of theatre and youthful glamour reminiscent of Moulin Rouge or Cirque du Soleil. Voluminous and vocal Dilek Hanif has raised brows again while raising bars for being provocative with panache, and regal with allure.


“Being successful both artistically and professionally is a very hard work, it demands devotion, patience and resistance. … The most difficult goal to achieve is to be understood by people, to make them believe in you and  appreciate what you create.” – Dilek Hanif

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Written by Angela Gleason

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