Why Wearable Technology is Becoming One of the Latest Fashion Trends

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Observing the latest fashion styles is one of the best ways to draw larger conclusions in regards to our society. From the free-flowing bell-bottomed trousers of the 1970s to the conservative attire often attributed to the 1980s, there is no doubt that fashion continues to evolve in these modern times. One interesting movement which has been picking up pace in the past few years involves the inclusion of technology alongside more traditional wardrobes. What have we witnessed so far, why are such statements becoming quite popular and where might we be headed in the future?


A Combination of Style and Convenience

There are many factors which have enabled modern wearable technology to represent a popular fashion choice. The most obvious is the simple fact that these items serve a very functional purpose. Here are a handful of some common accessories which are being seen both on and off of the runway:

Accessories to attach a mobile phone to an arm ora a leg while exercising.

Smart watches.

Shoes which track the amount of distance one travels.

Smart glasses that can be linked to other items such as laptops or mobile phones.
Another important point to make is that these and many other devices are much more affordable when compared to past prices. So, they are no longer reserved for those who had a significant amount of money to spare. Finally, we need to keep in mind that such accessories are often quite stylish and they are able to easily blend together with an existing ensemble. This signifies that wearers are at a definite advantage.

What Could the Future Have in Store?

Wearable technology was featured in many films of the past; especially items which helped users communicate with one another or even transport themselves to a different location (think of the Star Trek franchise in this sense). Of course, it is not likely that we will be able to „beam up“ anytime in the near future. However, it is just as critical to highlight that the ways in which we will connect to the digital domain are set become more streamlined. This opens up the market to those who might not otherwise possess a significant amount of technical expertise. Even children may soon be able to leverage the advantages of this technology.

We also have to logically ask how much is too much. In other words, could we ever arrive to a point when we become overly dependant upon such gadgets? Considering that some users are already quite addicted to their smartphones, this is actually a very valid point to highlight. It is therefore the responsibility of both fashion designers and technical developers to market their products in a prudent manner.

The world of fashion continues to evolve and there is no doubt that technology will play an important role. This is great news for anyone who enjoys the latest conveniences as well as for those who simply enjoy staying one step ahead of the curve.



Written by Lola McQuenzie

Lola is one of our busiest writer. She has worked for Catwalk Yourself since 2007. Lola started working with us after she graduating from Central St Martins

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