Trend: sequined dresses and skirts for the holidays

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For fans of strapless dresses, Maud & Marjorie designed a festive number in a fabric that calls to mind a metallic, gold and black leopard print. The expert draping and velvet sash make the dress elegant enough for holiday parties, while the short skirt keeps things sexy (Maud & Marjorie, €499).

Meanwhile, Marks & Spencer’s gold tunic dress sticks to simpler tailoring, letting the sequins do all the talking. This flashy piece can be worn with a pair of black tights to tone down the look (M&S Collection, Marks & Spencer, €86.95).

Gold isn’t the only color that shimmers and shines. Primark’s latest collection includes an alluring mini-dress covered entirely in iridescent green sequins. Like a scarab’s shell, the sequins reflect different colors depending on the light, an effect that is bound to turn heads on the dance floor (Primark, €28/around $35, from mid-November).

Of course, the all-over sequins look is not for everyone. For those who prefer something more subtle, there is always the option of a sequined miniskirt, to be paired with a tame and understated top for an interesting contrast. Fans of colorful sequins will appreciate the blue and grey number from By Zoé (price available on request). And purists who insist on gold for the holidays need look no further than Zara (Zara, €49.95/around $60).

Increasingly popular in recent years, maxi dresses now seem to be here to stay. Decorated with sequins, floor-length gowns become more dramatic than ever. For a look that’s guaranteed to get noticed, ASOS has covered a maxi-length kimono in gold sequins of different sizes (All Over Sequins Kimono Maxi, ASOS Premium, €215/around $270). No less elegant, a dress from New Look uses glittery details slightly more sparingly. Concentrated in a pattern centered on the bust area, the sequins trail off closer to the hem. (New Look, €129.99/around $160).

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