Stefano Pilati to Step Down from Zegna

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Stefano Pilati to Step Down from Zegna


It was announced Wednesday that designer Stefano Pilati will be be leaving his position as head designer at Ermenegildo Zegna Couture, as confirmed by both the group and the designer himself. „I want to thank Stefano for his contribution to Ermenegildo Zegna,” the group’s CEO Gildo Zegna reported in a statement, “We wanted to develop a strong point of view in fashion as well as style, and for Zegna to be a show not to be missed in Milan. We have reached this objective faster than expected. As we move on to write new chapters in Zegna’s development, I wish Stefano well for his future endeavours.”

Stefano Pilati offered a reflective statement that echoed the sentiment of the group’s, “I have given much consideration to this decision and after thoughtful conversations with Gildo Zegna, we have reached the conclusion that the mission he entrusted me with had been fulfilled. I now wish to focus on other projects that I had put aside in order to achieve our common goals with Zegna Couture.”

The turnover of designers has not seemed to slow much in the past several months, and one has to wonder whether it will, or whether “a breath of fresh air,” “new inspiration,” and, “a new direction,” will simply become a biennial tradition in print for design houses and groups alike.


Stefano Pilati to Step Down from Zegna


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