Rashida Jones Launches Jewelry Line

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Rashida Jones Launches Jewelry Line


Earlier this week Rashida Jones announced her new jewelry line, in collaboration with Iconery. Characterized by the use of the Ankh and Hamsa symbols, this collection is made in gold with black diamonds studding several pieces. “I like the idea that we wear jewelry to unite us and protect us in core beliefs. We need that right now,” the Iconery website quotes Jones regarding her inspiration for the collection.

Though not her first jewelry collection, Jones expressed feeling more responsible for this one than for her 2013 line “Fine” produced with Dannijo. “This is the first thing that was really considered my line,” Jones told People. “I mean, Iconery is my collaborator in the sense that they’re releasing my line. In terms of design, I wanted to guide the process a little bit more, which is what they completely let me do, which was nice.” The collection consists of 11 pieces, ranging in price from $95 for stud earrings, to $875 for a diamond-studded Ankh necklace. Jones further mentioned that her use of these ancient symbols is due to their unifying symbolism, and the fact that over the centuries they have maintained their prominence around the world, even through religious and cultural changes.

The collection is refined and elegant, inspired by themes including the ‘70’s, ‘80’s and ‘90’s styles, her father, and the ability to sleep in each piece. “I am a jewelry sinkhole,”  Jones told Vogue on Monday. “I have lost so much jewelry over the course of my life that I want things you don’t have to take off every night. I like the idea of being the kind of person who sleeps in their jewelry.” Even the square pieces feature rounded edges and flat surfaces, all the better to avoid catching on hair and clothes while sleeping.

Whether she will continue to produce jewelry collections alongside her work as an acctress, writer and producer, remains to be seen. “I’m an enthusiast, and a part-time designer, I guess you could say that.” she told People.


Rashida Jones Launches Jewelry Line


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