Paris menswear: highlights from Balmain, Damir Doma, Julius

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Olivier Rousteing pulled together some diverse influences and filtered them through the brand’s own distinctive viewpoint. Spring-Summer 2015 pulled together peep-toe lace-up bovver boots, Native American-style beaded jackets, denim military coats, biker jackets and luxe trackpants. The quilted details from the leather were also picked up on the jersey pieces. 

Damir Doma

Another designer to eschew a runway show for an exhibition/presentation, Doma showed chunky soled shoes, utility pockets on shorts and trousers, a paint-splatter Dalmatian print (a pun on the designer’s Croatian heritage?) and symmetrical slashes on sweaters. The slouchy smock tops were a highlight.  


Set to aggressive lightning-flash strobe lighting and pounding music, Tatsuro Horikawa’s show was a mad, animé-meets-Edward Scissorhands dash of tight cut black and white leather, rubber and textured finishes. Models wore bleach blonde spiked wigs and chunky-soled futuristic biker boots. 

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