Oscar de la Renta and Monse Combine Shows

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Oscar de la Renta and Monse Combine Shows 

Oscar de la Renta and Monse have announced that they will be combining their New York Fashion Wekk shows in February. Both labels are creatively headed by Laura Kim and Fernando Garcia and the autumn/winter 2017 show will be the duo’s debut for Oscar de la Renta. There will be no break between the two shows with Monse opening, followed swiftly by Oscar de la Renta.

This decision might lead one to believe that the two brands will be somehow merging or walking together in unison to create one coherent collection. Garcia however has explained that this will not be the case; there will be a “reveal factor” to mark the change between the two.

“We wanted to attack it head on: Can we do two different collections that have an identity on their own and be brave enough to show them together?” Garcia said. “Having them be consecutive does not mean that there is necessarily a blending of the ideas. There’s going to be different styling for each show, and it’s going to be very apparent where the change happens. The clothes are very different.”

Whilst it is not completely unheard of for designers for established houses to continue designing for the fashion labels they formerly created, it is unusual that events be connected. Often such labels will even show in a different city. However, Oscar de la Renta invested in Monse when Kim and Garcia came on board last year, suggesting a more familial relationship.

Indeed CEO of Oscar de la Renta said that the decision was made to show that the two houses are “a part of the same brand family”. “We talk about brands’ DNAs, and I think that, on some level, if Fernanado is part of the Monse DNA and part of the Oscar DNA, it’s impossible for them to be totally separate,” he explained. “And guess what? I don’t think they need to be totally separate. It’s going to be a happy day for me when I see a real customer with an Oscar blouse and a Monse Skirt.”

This project of course will be logistically challenging as it involves the completion of both collections for the exact same deadline. Bolen argues that despite the mammoth task for the house, it will be an advantage to show attendees. By merging the two shows together he argues that there will be “one less show that somebody has to run across town for”.


Oscar de la Renta and Monse Combine Shows 



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