Kate Moss hides from the paparazzi in new Gucci film

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Gucci unveiled a new minute-long film Monday, starring 40-year-old fashion legend Kate Moss as a mysterious celeb, hiding from the paparazzi behind dark glasses. 

In the clip, Moss arrives in a blacked out sedan, wearing a shaggy fur coat before reappearing in a series of Fall-Winter 2014 outfits. Moss is protected from the camera flashes by her equally well-dressed companion, played by French hunk — and Gucci favorite — Clément Chabernaud. 

But as it turns out, the real star of the film isn’t the model at all: it’s the Jackie Soft, the latest version of Gucci’s classic handbag which appears on the model in a number of colors including caramel, burgundy, black and python. 

Check the film out: http://youtu.be/GB8i-NRP7m0

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