Giorgio Armani Plans Layoffs

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Giorgio Armani Plans Layoffs 


Giorgio Armani has announced that they will be undertaking a large round of layoffs. The company is undergoing a new retail strategy and as a result is hoping to lay off 110 employees at the Giorgio Armani Operations Plant in Settimo Torinese. This will come from an original 180 employees at the men’s jacket and coat factory, leaving only 70 following planned layoffs. Some deem such huge cuts completely unacceptable.

“For us, this decision is not acceptable and we will definitely work to limit the layoffs,” said Simona Lancellotti, the representative of the Filctem CGIL trade union, in a statement. The factory’s employees were on strike for two hours on Thursday. Giorgio Armani had no comment.

The fashion brand also has plans to restructure other parts of the business. The designer said after his show in February that Emporio Armani would become “a cluster of ideas”.

“We are rethinking our stores. I don’t believe in a strict separation of categories, jackets all in one place, skirts all in another, pants in yet another.”

The layoffs come at a time of reshuffling for the fashion house. Earlier this year, the brand announced that they would be consolidating their umbrella of brands. Armani Jeans and Armani Collezioni will cease operations, which leave Giorgio Armani, Emporio Armani and Armani Exchange as the three remaining brands. This overhaul is expected to be effective as of Spring 2018. Here Armani are following in the steps of a growing list of other luxury companies who have decided to consolidate their brands including Ralph Lauren, Paul Smith, Burberry and Marc Jacobs.


Giorgio Armani Plans Layoffs 




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