i-D Magazine set to launch in France

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British alternative magazine i-D will be launched in France shortly. Originally released in 1980 and bought by Vice Media in 2012, the magazine is known for its youth and street culture approach to portraying fashion. The French edition’s website is due to go live in time for Paris Fashion Week this autumn.

i-D’s new France Director is Clément Corraze, who was previously executive director of indie fashion magazine Antidote. Tess Lochanski, fashion features editor at cultural magazine L’Obs has been named the i-D’s France editor.

Corraze told WWD, “We are working on adapting i-D’s editorial line and tone of voice to French culture, in collaboration with the teams in London.”

The summer 2015 issue of i-D celebrated its 35th anniversary with a collaboration with photographer Alisdair McLellan for 18 covers featuring different supermodels. So far, i-D has international websites for Australia/New Zealand, Germany, Italy, Mexico, the Netherlands, Poland, the United States and Spain. This revelation in the magazine’s internet presence will widen its audience to France and other French-speaking countries.


Written by Katherine Beckwith

Katherine is a History of Art student with a keen interest in the history of fashion. Having a previous artistic education, Katherine also has a watchful eye for the emerging trends in modern fashion.

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