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They may be the one tangible synonymity between A-list entertainers, New York creative circles and nightclubs: shoes. And Creative Recreation aims to capture just that in their fall 2012 campaign targeting beat culture and a highly selective generation of scenesters. Not only do Creative Recreation shoes tug at high line footwear appeal, they discretely – for as loud as they appear in purple, teal, red + the occasional bling accent – filter through buzz crowds pinning everyone from headliners Charlie Sheen, Kanye, Robert Downing Jr., even Bill Maher to the local dub stepper, hip hopper, electric rocker and every stride between.

From nightclub to art hub, the lifestyle shoe of urban culture seems to have found its match between function, form, fashion, and the feel good movement. Factor in cotton netting, full body canvas, neoprene, perforated leather paneling and multi-pattern layering over intricate color palettes and you’ve got the biology of these five-year veteran shoe stylists.

Born in Orange County, Calif circa 2005, the former Vans hands Robert Nand and Richard Cofinco began their plow through urban inspiration and fashion fluff into a new wave of versatile style for the sole. It wasn’t long before the Creative Recreation shop redefined the art and science of shoes and quickly tapped a religious following. Their story and sacred approach to innovative wear continues its footprint, carving out serious game with a provocative Fall campaign shot throughout the Hollywood hotspot, AV Nightclub.

“Talking to Nightlife, this is our most daring campaign yet. We’re stepping out in some serious style.” – Josh Willis, Creative Director

Impeccable detail and a thoughtful palette are the essentials for the Fall 2012 collection as Creative Recreation holds nothing back and pushes all sexy forward in a cutting vibrance that goes everywhere but unnoticed. Covertly criminal, dress shoes fist up a rough edge while streetwear caters to fine stitching and polish. High tops armoured with ankle support imply a no exit dance floor. Neons and punch colors convey a sense of sophisticated venue lighting. Feast your eyes upon the latest Creative Recreation designs to grow your appetite for thrill and tastefully walk out of your mold.

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Written by Angela Gleason

Angela Gleason, graduated in Advertising from San Francisco's Academy of Art University, she rocks the international world on creative fronts as a dedicated slash girl: visual designer / soundsavant / writer / glam lush, for the story beyond the surface. Angela looks after the Catwalk Yourself blog.

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