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A couple of weeks ago, Catwalk Yourself worked on its very first collaboration with the famous bi-monthly Schön! Magazine by filming the behind the scene of the new UVU Performace’s advertorial.

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To do so, six models were called from all around England for the two day long shoot at the Lumiere Studio in London. Under the supervision of Fashion Editor Kay Korsh, they spent many hours getting ready in the hands of make-up artist Emma White Turle and Hair Stylist Gareth Smith. The dark and highly contrasted pictures were taken by photographer Diego Idraccolo with a different set of colours, moods and music for each of the models. During the two days, film director Chris Scott shot a total a four videos including 2 behind the scene with interviews of the people involved in the project as well as his visual insight on what happened at the studio.

[sublimevideo poster=”” src1=”/wp-content/uploads/2012/10/Catwalk-Yourself-Uvu-Performance-2-1.mp4″ width=”” height=””]

Watch the entire shoot on Schon Magazine online

Directed for 8-18 films by Chris Scott

Production by Catwalk Yourself

Special Thanks to  Schön Magazine and UVU Performance

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Written by Marine Lazarus

Marine Lazarus, an Anglo-French photographer who moved to UK 3 years ago to study journalism at Brunel University in London. Marine is responsible for our Photographers Biographies section.

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